EBay Is Not the Same Ebay It Used to Be!

I guess I have been on eBay for about 5 years. It has changed, sadly. There are morons on eBay who screw sellers. They buy things and they don't pay for things. I've heard it all. The last two involve a woman who bought a ring but refused to pay for it because "he cheated on me". I asked her, politely, for my selling fees back. On a ring, it's a chunk of change. She cussed me out and told me to do what I had to do. So I filed Non-Paying Bidder on her and I negged her. She negged me back very nastily. Hope she got closure on her ex because it wasn't my fault. I just wanted my listing fees back. Now, a couple of days ago, on the same exact item, a woman "buys" the ring then says she hit the wrong button. Huh? How do you hit the wrong button? Better yet, she was on her boyfriend's account. I wrote her and said that it cost me money and that I would like to be reimbursed for at least my selling and relisting fees. Do you think she even wrote me back? Guess I will start filing a Non Paying Bidder on this one, too. What is up with people, these days? You can't just hit buttons by mistake. There are at least two screens (and since it's through PayPal, you would think that would help---NOT!). Just a vent. I am not liking eBay and PayPal right now. All they care about is getting their monthly fees. They NEVER help the sellers, ever! I wish there was a good alternative to eBay, but it's a monopoly, as far as I'm concerned. There are other selling sites but none get the traffic that eBay does.

So, if you're looking to buy a PROM dress or a FORMAL gown at less than $100, contact me!! I have an eBay store and I need the business!!

What's your eBay story?
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Ebay doesn't care. 27 emails to every email I could find listed for them including complaints to the OOTP, before I was appeased. They hate sellers, love buyers and it almost doesn't even pay anymore. Why can't a seller leave a negative anymore? They never should have changed that. It leaves us defenseless. **** EBAY. Sorry, I'm really f'n ticked off with them right now.

hmmm... interesting experiences. Thanks for the share.

These things are part of the crap that comes along with selling on ebay, sadly. Ebay doesnt even care, they are a bazillion dollar company. I know how you feel though. I had to file 2 UPIs this week. On little items, worth less than 10 dollars. I even had to file a claim against a woman who didnt send me something I purchased for $12. She wouldnt respond to emails or calls, so I filed a dispute with paypal and suddenly she was apologizing and sending it... <br />
Hopefully with the bad, comes the good for you. There are a lot of really great people on ebay doing legitimate trading. Dont be discouraged!