I Wanna Know!

i would love to figure out how to start this, from a veteran's perspective...i just dont know where to start!

thanks, ill be checking back in :)
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i also wanna know

What she said! ^^<br />
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Good luck! It can get pretty pricey. Once you get the hang of it, it's nothing really!

Go to ebay.com! Read up on all the info in the help sections, its pretty easy if you know how to navigate the internet (which, you must, since you are here!) And get an account on Paypal, it doesnt cost anything, just read everything and follow directions. On ebay, you just click on the "sell" icon at the top, and enter item details. Before you do anything, take a look around ebay and see how others are doing it. If you need a reference, do an advanced search for user BBGRH thats me, I sell stuff. You pay fees later. Its easier than you might think! Good luck.