Just Started!

My mother has had an eBay business for 11 years! Wow, has it been around for that long?!

I just started, I'm not trying to sell my own personal stuff off, like an online yard sale. I'm actually purchasing items to specifically target the eBay market. I've got my first 5 purchases up there right now.

I'm doing this in the hopes to make some real money, since I've been unsuccessful in finding myself a new job. These times are tough, but eBay seems to still be a very strong source of income for my Mother, so, HERE GOES! :-) 

Wish me luck! 

Oh, ps: I'm selling vintage women's clothing. 80's Mod, hippie/bohemian style, I'm trying to limit myself to stuff that is really cool and (IMO) pretty and feminine. Look me up some day! Katy0shae.

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Jan 25, 2009