Love Being A Pure Romance Consultant!

It will be a year next month, Valentine's Day to be exact that I became a Pure Romance consultant. I love being a Pure Romance consultant! I love the product and the enrichment that I am able to bring to peoples lives through the products and some wonderful laughter and education.

Only draw back I have found is that getting leads can sometimes be hard and with a leadership change I have found that I don't have a great deal of assistance-direction. I love the business and have decided that if I am going to make a go of it I will have to do it as more of an independent than part of a team.

Would love to have some other's to chat with, successes, failures, etc.

Advice is always welcome :), hope everyone else here loves it as much as I do.

PureRomancebyRhonda PureRomancebyRhonda
41-45, F
Jan 14, 2013