I Make My Kids Fetch The Hairbrush Or Paddle

With my older two daughters, if they have earned a spanking, they are required to go get the tool they will be spanked with. Usually this is their own hairbrush that sits on top of their dressers, although on rare occasions it will be the lexan paddle that is in the closet at the end of the hallway, right between their two bedrooms.

I feel it makes a child fully accept their punishment, since they have to comply with it. This, in turn, I believe will make the lesson "stick" just a little bit better.
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I totally agree with you Michelle. Having your daughter actively participate in her punishment makes it more meaningful and effective. How old are your daughters and how often do you spank them?

i will lecter my girls on way they getting spank they will take off pants dress and panties they will go and fetch the strap and return and assume position

Sounds scary, but right

I always make my kids pick there own belt or paddle while there stepdaddy just takes off his belt.

Which do they seem to pick more - belt or paddle? What kind of paddle?

This is how I used to have it, "go fetch the paddle, usually be crying by time I hand it over. Makes you think more.


I was never spanked growing up. Now that I am older, I think I would honestly benefit from a strict woman like yourself and your hairbrush. As painful as this may sound, I do know what is best for me. I have a couple of minor issues, one being that I procrastinate a bit too much, which is holding me back from, for lack of a better phrase, being all that I can be. I hope your charges turn out alright as they get older. I am sure you are a great Mom. Thanks for reading, Mike

From the time I was introduced to the strap at the start of my teens the leather strap the mum bought was given to me (no pun intended) to keep in my panty drawer. I saw it every day and was reminded of what it could do to me. As an older tenn daughter I was introduced to a single blade taken from a razor strop.

Something about the strap is just.... horrible. It just seems to take the flesh right off in strips. I hate the strap even more than a paddle. And the razor strop? It is the stuff nightmares are made of. I love that you had to keep the strap in your panty drawer and see it every day. Bet it gave you a chill every time you saw it. How often did you get it used on you through your teen years? And how often did you get the razor strop as an older teen?

The Lexan paddle really REALLY stings. Way more than a wood paddle. Do they cry as they have to fetch it? Typically how many smacks do they get with the lexan paddle? I bet it is effective though and they do not have to be paddled for the same offense again any time soon.

I tend to give one swat per year old with the paddle.

When my mom was going to give me a spanking she would either come in with the hairbrush in her hand, or else have my older sister go and bring it to her.

My sister loved this as she would return in record time, handing the hairbrush to my mom with a big grin on her face. She would then stay and watch my mom take down my pants and undies, haul me across her lap and light up my bare hiney with the hairbrush like fireworks on the 4th of July.

Very rarely do I have to go get what is going to be used, usually whoever is spanking (usually my dad) comes with what is used. Usually the paddle. I always hate it when I am told to go get the paddle or whatever it is, having to do what my sister and I call the walk of shame to go get the item.

No to both questions.

I think \"the walk of shame\" can be quite a useful thing when it comes to spanking!

I think making a call to a neighbor asking if she could send me over to borrow a bath brush for a little "backside adjusting," or something like that, with the neighbor in the know and ready to give me a look -- would be really effective !!

I think making them retrieve the implement can make the spanking more memorable but I think they should be bared after returning with it. I do not think prolonged exposure is necessary. jmho

my mom would always make me fetch the razor strap that she would use

Isnt the razor strap the most evil implement ever? That thing can have a teenager or even adult screaming and sobbing by the 4th or 5th smack. I got some really serious sessions with the razor strap. How many did you typically get?

Glad I never got the razor strap. There was a well-oiled one hanging in the garage next to where I received my licks from dad's belt as a reminder of the "next step" if I didn't shape up. Just the sight of that thing made my knees wobbly.

I agree - the key is its as important on the mental side as it is for the physcical side.. Well Done..

I enjoyed that - how does it affect you also, giving the same type of discipline that you received?

I never start with having them fetch the paddle.

ALL spanking start bare bottom over my lap by hand. When I think they need more stinging I will have them get up and fetch the small paddle at that point. Then it is back over my lap or bent over the side of the bed.

There is so much more to giving a good spanking than just a stinging backside - anything that makes it a worse punishment without having to swat more is a positive I think.

My dad started using the paddle when i was 11

How do they feel when fetching with the bottoms bared? I know this does or .can cause some heightened. Embarrassment. Do yours speak about how it makes them feel?

Michelle, I can assure U that your method of sending your daughters for the hairbrush or lexan does add much trepidation! As a girl who's been raised by a spanking mother who also has us "fetch" the spoon or brush, it does feel like I'm "agreeing" I deserve to be spanked when I have to hand over the implement.
Also, do U include having the girls bare themselves if it's bare bottom? We get it both ways.

Most of the time, I bare their bottoms for them. In this, I make sure they know they are a naughty little girl, and I am in control.

My mom has always bared me herself also and i can say that it always did make me feel like a helpless naughty little girl

I think usually it works the other way. My mom took care of getting the implement, and I had to take my pants off. I still remember the burning sense of shame doing it.

It's not agreeing, because you can't say no, can you?

I agree that baring their bottoms reminds them you're in control. It also helps to take some of the fight out of them with their panties at their knees. They may start out shy at first but by the end I bet all they care about is rubbing the sting out of their bottoms.

I think you've got the better view Alex. You don't have any chance to feel or touch the implement until you feel it ! And the order to take down your underpants is a really hard Order to deal with -without really cringing inside !

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THat was the way I w2as raised...I always had to bring the wooden spoon or hairbrush.

I'm glad you use a lexan paddle. It may sting more than a wooden paddle, but it is much safer and less likely to leave bruises. Having them bring to you the tool gives you time to cool off, if necessary, and them time to focus on what is about to happen and why.

The amount they hate that paddle alone makes it a valuable tool, even with it only being used 2 or 3 times a year. Just the mention of it usually improves behavior in a hurry.

Often, knowing the "nuclear option" can be used ensures it rarely is used. I'm sure once was all it took for them to decide to do their best to avoid it.

Indeed. One of the best purchases I ever made.

I agree. I would never go back to a wooden paddle.

I was actually looking for a wooden paddle when I found out that lexan exists. I felt I needed a more serious option for Alison, and I was never fond of using a belt. I remembered being paddled at school, and how much it hurt with just a few swats over clothes. When I was told the lexan would sting and burn more, but was less likely to bruise, well, I bought one. About 2 and half weeks later, a rather dirty word came out of Alison's mouth, and that led to the introduction of said paddle. I'm not sure who was more surprised how effective it was, her or me.

I was surprised the first time I used it, too. I was able to reduce the number of swats and still get and equal or greater reaction, all with only redness and no bruising. I wish they were available in regular stores instead of having to order them online. I'm sure Alison was felt a shock to her system after her first lesson with it. Congratulations on using it only a couple of times a year.

I feel it is best on a bare bottom but it can be effective over underwear too.

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i would send mine to there rooms and tell them to get ready then i would let them think about what was about to happen

That is an equally good way to give each other time to think before the spanking.

i think they cried as much waiting for it to happen as they did when they got it

I certainly don't have a problem with that method, although I prefer mine, largely because it forces the child to participate in her own punishment.

Similar, I guess, to being sent to cut your own switch.

I know the feeling. Sometimes, as the song goes, the waiting is the hardest part.

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