My Childhood Friends

I can remember as a very small child around 3 years old -my family moved into a very old farm house in nebraska-I can remember from the first night there i saw an old man stop in my bedroom doorway and look at me then disappear -I assumed he walked off.the next day I asked my mom and dad who they had over the night before and they looked at eachother funny.we lived in that house for 4 years and I saw the oldman alot-he wasnt the only one in that house though there were also two children and a guy in a uniform and a negro family.they mostly looked in the windows alt and stayed on the front and back porches.I am now 43 so this was all 40 years ago.just recently ,my mom and I were talking and out of the blue she started talking about that house and how i was born in the veil and used to tell her about these people in our house all the time .she then confessed they thought it was my imagination untill one day 2months before we moved out of the house that my mom had told me it was naptime and put me to bed and then she went and laid down in her room-she had just closed her eyes when she felt weird and opened them to see the outine and almost see through body? of an old man at the foot of her bed just standing there starring at her -she got scared and called my name to see if i was ok and he started laughing at her and then disappeared.when my dad came home that night she told him "we have to move"-within two months we were gone.That was the first of many experiences like this that I have had my entire life.
41-45, F
Dec 3, 2012