When discussing energy, I've noticed most folks use the word "feel".  For me it's taste.  I taste the energy of people and places...whether I really want to or not!

Oh yeah, I shield, but there is always a bit that comes through.  That's fine; so long as a place isn't overwhelmingly negative I'm fine with it.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2011

Music often engages all my senses; a good choir I heard once felt like a handful of different-fabric ribbons braided and woven together.<br />
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and LoL Sunny! Negativity tastes metal-ish, like I've got a penny in my mouth. Ick!<br />
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Most of the time I'm shielded enough that I don't notice. Much.

For me energies are seen as colors. Music, however, has a taste sensation for me. We each have our ways of interpreting the world :-)

Whoa.. doesn't sound good at at unless your in an extremely positive area. Wow.. I feel others emotions but to taste them.. dang girl. Let me get u a mint for all the negative vibes floating around.