I Sense Ur Sadness..

i sense ur sadness,look inside my heart when u just feel crying. Dont hide the problem,i love u n its ok to be sad.Just know u have that loves u more than anything. When i ll try making u smile is because ur smile can bright ur day as mine too but when u r sad dont hide it. I love u as u are thats why i sense ur sadness.If i cry,i dont cry because of u,i cry with u because friends are one heart n not two separate.You ll smile n u ll feel the melody u ll listen..and if it doesnt seem from the beginning what life brings just know u ll have suprises,and u do have a friend by ur side that loves u.*...also after rain,rainbow exists,dont forget that
amysangels amysangels
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18 Responses Sep 6, 2009


that's beautiful.

lots of hugs n love to u*

That's lovely Amy. You have great feeling which you show in your words.

:)wish u good day gary

Do you sense my sadness?

ah thanks june..thanku..<br />
love u2*

I love this group and I love this story :) but more than that, I love the writer.

im glad if i did ,sugar...<br />

You seem to have a beautiful way with words...You have certainly brightened a dark spot of my day, thanx amyMA...................Xo~sugaR~Xo

Oh, just of everyone felt this way. This was beautiful. :)



That was lovely Amy where where u yesterday fathers day was a tough one. May all the good vibes you send out, come back to you in a double dose.

hmm..i dont read minds..just feel.. <br />
yeah,u can..i ll join ur group-nice title!

very nice Amy...

many hugs*

I won't... xxx Thank you, lovely...we all thank you.