I Do..i Really Do

I suffer or am blessed with a gift.. We all do really we just dont know it. Its called impathic or to be an impath. It funny sometimes i joke that if i didnt feel others emotions, i wouldnt know what it was like to have them. When i was younger i never really showed or felt emotion like othe people. When some one died i wasnt sad because i knew they were going to a better place. On the other hand when othe people were sad i was overcome by feelings so strong that somtime i coulnt bare it. For a long time i was never around people because it was just too much for me..In later years i learned to controll it and now im a real people person. I may not like those people but they sure seem to think so..

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Barriers can be dangerous to your health and the fact that you didn't feel anything when someone passed away doesn't necessarily mean you are heartless or anything, i simply thinks it boils down to being guarded. Sometimes in life, you are so consumed by a pain much deeper than the ones caused by death that when u are confronted with something as devastating as death, it almost feels like a cake walk compared to where you have been. <br />
Try to grieve that death in any way you know how. Feeling sadness about the loss of someone can be very healing and helpful. It will also teach you valuable tools to be able to assist others in the agonizing pains and emptiness that death can create. Best of luck to you and I'm here if you need to vent/talk about anything at all. xox Dee

I also feel others' emotions very strongly. It allows me to understand them at a very deep level, just because I feel what they do. It's great that you've learned to gain some control of it so it's not too overwhelming... I still need to learn that, for the most part.