It Will Be Ok*

i can see u from far,as if u are close,

i tell u im here,when the wind makes u feel cold,

when the rain makes u cry,

i assure u im here,dont worry

im holding ur hand.

*it will be ok*

*it will be ok*

just believe ,u cant push me away,i just believe in u,

i sense how u feel and is ok because i care,

most of all just believe,

it will be ok*it will be ok*


it will be ok*

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
17 Responses Mar 24, 2010

umm thanks

really nice poem amy! just keep up!

didn mean to make u cry,sorry.hugs*

angelgirl.......that made me cry.


Nice. Really nice.




aww you always say such beautiful things Ames.

thanku wall*

:) great poem Amy


thanku paco



many hugs*