57yrs. old, type A, bi, former ad model , former bit part actress in late 70s, former sex club dancer, she has played a lesbian Domme in a couple of **** movies in 1975 (easy cause she just played herself) I met her in 1993....she was the origional super couger ! We were married in 1995. I will lick her *** clean when she got off the toilet ,if she told me to. I am her domestic house slave and I do all of the chores , etc...in return I get sucked, ****** and pegged at her leasure...anytime...anywhere....I have been called pussywhipped to the max....but I consider myself very lucky!.
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What do i have to do to get your wife to do me too??? AB

If I beg do I get the peg?? You lucky Bastard!!! AB