Forgave And Forgot

I forgive you bad mind with all my soul..but if you didn't talk about me all these years then my soul would be like yours.. I'm a strong person with no worries I hold my own..I forgive you for getting mad at me because I won't bare my soul but I can't trust you look how you carry on....I have hidden for years behind this person I made up she is a nice girl but she will only tell you lies but not to hurt you or mislead you but to protect her heart from the gossip, hurt, and pain that comes with it all.. I forgive you for spreading those lies but it's no truth to them at all so the hurt you tried to endure is funny to me because I told one thing true about me but you never repeated that only to your misery you ran with the bull **** and changed it up... I have now forgave you because lies won't hurt me but if it was my real business then I might of went into depress mode and that's not me I'm happy about life I can spot your kind miles you think god will forgive for what I have done....I think he forgave me because now she has gone
Humblethoughts Humblethoughts
May 10, 2012