Last Week

Well, it all began last week or maybe before then. There has most definitely been a lot going on in my life since coming back from Houston. After my mama died, I could only think of one person (besides my husband) to confront my feelings to. Carol AKA Moon Java is one of my best friends on EP who I can relate to in every aspect. As she once put into words, it's like we have an understanding that we don't have to embellish on.

Anyhow, when my mama died, there was a lot going on with my family. I was upset and angry at them for not calling, trying to find me, or even pick me up and tell me about her passing and to attend the funeral. I wanted someone to know exactly how I felt so I began writing to Carol.

Although I didn't want to write under those circumstances I felt as though I had no choice but to. So, it took me around three days to write her a five page letter - front to back on what happened. And on Tuesday last week, I finally sent out my first EP letter. By now, she should have gotten it but I'm not sure if she has. So, I hope she got it and will save it forever because we have a unique and pleasant bond amongst one another.

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