I'll Only Repost The Thing I Posted Back Then On Another Experience, Only Because This Basically Sums Up Everything About My Situation.

When I'm alone I see him there. Invisible I try to make him to me, and yet my intetions fail me.
Sometimes I try to forget, but forgetting means to remember before I put away the past
The past I try to hide from, to run from, to evade from
From the corner I used to crawl in I came
Came running into the light from whence you were absent
Absence of darkness, absence of pain I thought
Thought of the nights I thought about you
You taught me how to move
Moved me, you did
Didn't know how I was supposed to feel
It felt so strong, I felt so human
Humanity was a gift given to me for the first time
Yet Time, she set me far from you
You know I ought to talk to you
Yet you make this so hard on me
As a friend, as your brother, you said
Said I was in trouble, said you loved me
I thought. That's what I thought
Thought you wouldn't forget
Though I believe you haven't
I too believed you'd remain where you are
Are you somewhere thinking of the same thoughts I have
or are you as distant as I think you are from me
But I doubt that
That you've forgotten the past
Forgotten the pain
Forgotten the languish
Forgotten the nights we'd run off like we have the world in our hands
Forgotten the moments we'd break the rules
And just for once forget we were actually members of the system we oh so unintentionally belong to
You taught me the meaning of my name
The definition of my life
What defines me as a person
As a human being
As a fraction of your life
And one day our paths will collide once more
And it will be shameless
And I will ram your shoulder like a train hit it
Or trip you over so suddenly you never even saw me coming
But 'til then I'll be waiting.
Waiting that someday I'll be able to talk to you again
Again we'll run off into the night
Like two rebels without a cause
I'll smoke that cigarette 'til my lungs run dry
'til my eyes cry themselves out
'til every last breath I take will kill me slowly
But a beautiful death it will be
Knowing that I'm dying next to the one that brought me to life
DrunkTextTherapist DrunkTextTherapist
18-21, M
Jul 21, 2010