I Miss You

The beautiful person you are. Full of the best qualities a person could ever posess. Kind, caring, loving, courageous, adventurous.....the list is truly endless. As I think of you and everything we have shared I do miss you so. I am happy that you are having fun and experiencing the things in life that you like.... I think of you often and although there are tears (both happy and sad) the main focus of my thoughts are of the beauty that is you. I love you and I always will. I will be happy to see you whenever the opportunity presents itself. : ) Your happiness is what is most important to me.
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26 Responses Aug 2, 2010

im just so mad i screwed this up , she means everything to me, as of rite now she is the most important thing in my life and im just so mad at myself

im just so mad i screwed this up , she means everything to me, as of rite now she is the most important thing in my life and im just so mad at myself

I have done this before.( am in the middle of something like this now).... It is the strenght of emotion that you feel for the person that has led me this way... Those I love deeply I will always love.... I am sure she is feeling about the same... I am sorry though cause it is very hard...

yeah, i screwd up wit my best friend ( the one i always talk bout ) i said i didnt care bout her and i didnt love her, i was just so mad , i wuznt even mad at her , i cant belive i did this , cuz i do love her and i do care bout her so much im such a ........ there isnt a word to describe wat i am

Whatever your deciscion I am here for you... : )

i broke up wit him, i decided i didnt tant jo date him

That is nice... glad to hear.. : ) best to you both

thts cool, i have a boyfriend now to

Well you have another if you would like... : )

yes i am glad to :)

I am glad you have someone who cares.... : )

yeah, but if one good thing happend its tht i meant my best friend out of it, she has had it rougher then i have, and has been through some of it her self so she gave me advice

I am sorry that you had such pain that you went through that. Being young is really hard. So much to deal with. Being older isn't that easy either. : ) Still trying to figure out who I am.

yeah i guess, i just regret so much, ive messed up a lot, i regret most of last year becuz of my cutting it changed me , and i lost my self, then i figured out who i am and my parents dont like me very much so i spend a lot of time grounded

Of course you are a good person. Everyone deserves someone to protect them.

yeah we all do no matter how young or old, idk wat makes her want to, im not a very good person

I am glad you have someone to take care of you. We all need someone to protect us from time to time...

yeah, even wen they r stupid, like the time i eletrocuted my tongue, she was kindve mad shes VERY protective of me , like an older sister, she kinda takes care of me

That is wonderful to hear. I know what receiving those messages feels like..... : )

sorry bout all the extra post computer problems all good now, and yes we do email each other almost every day, her emails make my day :)

I can understand that. It is nice that you help each other. I miss a few people like that right now. It is very hard, I know. I am sorry for your sadness. Really.... I hope you at least have the opportunity to communicate.

yeah ive helped her a lot to, we were like made to be best friends, im glad i had her to or else i mite not have made it, we r in a rough spot at the time though, she moved a state away, and i really wanna see here, but she is not to worried , she says we will be fine through distance, and i agree but i would still like to see her

I am glad that she helped you through a tough situation. Sometimes we find special people like that and it is hard to part ways. I am glad she helped you through a difficult time. I am happy to hear you had someone when you needed them. I am sure she feels the same about you. : )

tht makes a lot of sense thank you very much , this has made me feel so much better, she has helped me a lot , i used to cut my self , but she helped me through i love her so much

When someone leaves to enhance their life it also enhances yours. I did not lose a part of myself, I gained the happiness of someone I love.

tht was truly beautiful, i feel the same way bout my best friend , i miss her sooo much, i feel like part of me is gone forever, do u feel the same way?