I Wish I Was By Your Side

I found out yesterday that my friend of 34 years is in the hospital with pneumonia. She suffers from high blood pressure , diabetes , being overweight from her medicine. She has a pace maker and a defibrillator implanted in her chest to help her heart keep beating. She had a really bad heart attack a couple of days before 911 and I almost lost her then. She has been there for me so many times. Now I live 8 hours from her and am just sick that I am not with her now while she is in the hospital. She has been a foster mom for over 25 years. She is a selfless woman and I am honored to be her friend. As I type this the tears are streaming down my face because I miss her so much.
We put countless puzzles together in the winter in the evenings and played hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of games of yahtzee and thousands of games of Kaiser and thousands of games of cribbage. We have drank hundreds of thousands of gallons of coffee while playing these games. Not to mention the hours long ***** sessions about husbands and children, not mention the neighbours. We have done so much together and now I am scared out of my wits that she will not make it this time. Losing her would be as bad as losing either of my parents. She is the only friend that has made it all through my adult life.
 I have read that the people who stay with you for your life are meant to be there and are there for a reason. Those who do not have served their purpose and have moved on for a reason. I believe that she is my guardian angel and is meant to be around for awhile longer. I hope this is true because I cannot bear the thought of losing her, I am not done with her yet,

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I have since found out my friend is doing okay and will be home when I get home at the end of the month.I am trying to find a way to get to move back home so we can spend more time together .So I am praying that the lotto max ends up in my pocket or at least one of the maxmillions.Please God help me to solve this situation satisfactorily ( hopefully the way I would like it )

I wish her a speedy recovery. She sounds like an amazing woman.I am fortunate enough to have a life-long friend. We were Best Man at each other's weddings and would absolutely anything for each other.Before he got married, two years after we did, (20 years ago)ago, he came on a caravan holiday with my wife and I, and he even slept with us one night, when the caravan roof leaked and soaked his bed!Although we were all naked - our clothes were drenched - honest ,and we all had a few drinks too many, we did not have sex.After that "inident" in a small caravan, where you are tripping over each other anyway, all modesty went out of the window. We sunbathed nude together, ate breakfast half naked, even had half a shower together! before the water turned cold on us!).Since then, and we have all seen each other nude on many occasions at our home (350 miles away from his) and we would all do anything for each other.There is nothing "arranged" about it and certainly nothing sexual.I have to go into hospital for heart surgery,and although we are both still happily married, he has taken a week off to stay at our house and support my wife.I did the same for him when his wife had a mastectomy a few years ago and he had just started a new job away from home.They had three teenage kids and needed help.It is a true blessing to have such friends and I really hope your 'guardian angel' pulls through all this.Take careKevinxcoylekevin103@gmail.comPS: We live in England