Beautiful Barbara

The year was around 1961.  The area was Pennsylvania.  Her name was Barbara.  She had big beautiful blue eyes and long curly blond hair that she used to wear up.  She was pretty and she was my older brother's girlfriend.  There was about 7 years difference between us.  He had just graduated high school.

He (my brother Carl) had decided to go into the Air Force.  Barbara had promised to wait for him.  He was going to Anchorage Alaska.  We didn't know it then but he was going to experience being in a terrible earthquake and was also to experience a tidal wave in the Aleutian Islands.

Because she was a bit younger than he, she found it hard to stay focused on the commitment and consequently, she had an affair with another student that she went to school with.  Someone wrote to Carl and told him and brokenhearted, when he came home on leave he went to see her.  He asked her if the rumor was true, worse than being true she had a baby of another race with the young man she had the affair with.

Devastated and from the old school mentality, my brother walked away and though he married on the rebound and had two children, he always seemed to carry Barbara in his heart.

Then one day, out of the blue while with his family at a local mall, he ran into Barbara.  She was with her husband (an older gentleman) and her children and upon seeing each other both embraced and introduced families.

It was one month to the day of when he saw her, that he found out that she had been killed in a tractor trailer collision.  Apparently, she had dropped her infant between her legs and somehow saved her daughter's life while she was crushed on the steering wheel.

It wasnt too long thereafter, that my brother died of a heart attack.  I however believe that more appropriately he died of a broken heart.  He had never forgiven Barbara for having the affair, but more importantly he had never forgiven himself for not forgiving her. 

This story is for you two, Carl and Barb.  I hope you are happy now. 
mysweetangelbaby mysweetangelbaby
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Aug 3, 2010