Killed By A Drunk Driver

My 50th birthday was only 2 days away and my best friend, Pam, was picking me up at 5 p.m. for dinner.  In reality, she had a surprise party planned for me with about 20 of our friends attending.  I was headed home to get ready when I had to pull over for emergency vehicles flying past. 
I immediately called all my kids to make sure they were okay.  We live in a rural area and when there is a traffic accident, it is always someone we know. Kids are okay so I head on home.  I see the hellicopter in the sky and I know it is a bad wreck and I've heard at least one person has been killed.
It was Pam. Pam was hit head on and killed by a drunk driver on her way to pick me up for the special party she had planned so perfectly.  All our friends were waiting on us. 
I took it hard.  I felt gulty that she died doing someting for me.  I felt guilty for feeling guilty.  I didn't want my guilt to steal from her death.  That sounds crazy,   
Pam was buried on my 50th birthday, 2007.  I miss her so much.  We used to tease each other about who would go first, how old we would be and have to shuffle up the isle to say goodbye. 
We did all our shopping together.  To this day, when I see 2 friends shopping together, I watch them from a distance and smile. I watch how happy they are, showing each other what they've found and might buy.   I cry and miss my friend.  I will never have another friend like her.  We did everything together. We loved each other.  We were best friends.
naturenanny naturenanny
51-55, F
Aug 4, 2010