What Happen To It?

Sharlina and i use to do everything together. She dated my brother for a while and when they broke up we remained tight. Sharlina found out she was pregnant and it was my brothers... yikes. her and my brother had a one night stand and never talked since. she missed her period. and just then we both knew she was pregnant. i went and got her a pregnancy test and it came back positive. i was beside her the whole way of her pregnancy. i was even in the delivery room. we always said i was the daddy since she didnt want my brother to know about her having his baby cuz she didnt want him back for so many reasons. and i understood it all. i threw her a baby shower and it turned out great. March 10th 2012 Dallas (sharlina's baby/my nephew) will turn two. since the day he turned one i have maybe seen him twice. i go from seeing him every weekend to never at all. i miss the hell out of them. i text her she never replies. we never talk. when i found out i was pregnant she was there for me for the first three months and then we just stopped talking. she has yet to even meet my daughter. i just wish to regain the friendship we had we were more like sisters than anything(: and i loved it. i trusted her and counted on her for everything! but im not going to sit her and waste my time trying to get our friendship back when shes not putting in the effort. i have my daughter and niece to care for. and now i have Ciara Marie and Katie Lynn i can always count  on (: they are my best friends(: 
Laylasmama Laylasmama
18-21, F
Feb 29, 2012