My Scattered Little Family!

I have two actually, both of which I would consider the closest people on the planet to me.  The first is my best friend and former lover.  She and I had a somewhat bitter break up and she headed overseas, while I headed a thousand miles north to get away for a while.  We sort of ran away from one another.  The difference is, she took a job on contract and can't get out of it, though she miserable. Over the 9 months since our rash decisions to run away from one another while hurt, we've opened the lines of communication again and are becoming close once more.  We both missed talking to one another.  The other moved to Tampa only weeks after the break up I had just described, but I visit when I can and we talk at least once a week.  I so miss having them close. 
VeloAficionado VeloAficionado
26-30, M
Mar 10, 2012