A Long Time Ago...

I was six and it was my first day in the elementary school. I saw a girl very tall and she seemed to be eight years old and she was strange but someway pretty. She was also very shy and don't used to talk a lot but suddenly she came closer and said: "Hi, you are my neighbor! I'm Joselia!".

After that we became friends and everyday we came back from school together. She seemed to be so smart but she couldn't read or do simple math and it was very odd cause everyone already knew this stuff. We used to play together into our street and by the end of the day she used to say something like: "I got to go home or they will be worried" or "I have to go buy something for Pedro". She never referred to these people by "mom", "dad" or "my brother". It was always like "they", "the couple" or "Pedro parents".

Thats when my parents explained to me she was an adopted kid. Not really "adopted" cause the couple just found her in the streets and brought her to their home, a legal adoption process never occurred.

Until that year she used to live on the streets and she didn't even knew her parents. She never went to kindergarten or had any formal education. All she learned until that year was by herself on the streets. She was also always very polite and kind but I don't know, she didn't looked like she was happy. We became great friends in that year and I noticed how happy I was for having a family and a home and how happy I was for having her as my friend and she even became one of my first crushes haha :)

By the end of the year she stopped going to the classes. It was very strange to me cause we always came back home chatting. After a week or two my parents told me that she really loved that family and for the first time in her life someone opened their home for a complete stranger offering love and care. But she wasn't happy. The life she used to know wasn't like that with school, caring family and a warm bed, this wasn't her reality. Even without the consenting of her step family, at the age of eight she already felt like she was responsible for herself, and then she decided to go back to the streets and no one heard anything else about her.

She was a great friend and was very beautiful to me but we never came back from school together anymore.
Alissson Alissson
22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013