I Am No Longer Human, Really.

Oh, this world just cracks me up. With your little gods, and your economies, and your countries, and your history. So CUTE! I look at things from a time-traveler's point of view, seeing everything that ever was or ever will be, while you lot just stand there and wonder about the now! I think there is something wrong with me, but there is no way in the Aether or the Nether that it can ever be reversed. Every move I make is never the true "me", it is all calculated to project me to the next social level of power. What, did you think I was really just a girl from Illinois, who plays games, watches Doctor Who, and always wears hoodies? You thought wrong. Like Caroline from Portal 2, I used to be considered human. I was a very nice little girl, I would talk to everyone, I would share everything, and I never got into trouble in school. Then I was beaten and terrified for four years straight and, well, I'll just say I was "different" when it was over. But now I'm so much better than I was, you see! Now I'm just a cold, calculating machine, with no friends or acquaintances to bother me. I can make worlds in which I am human again, but they all seem so boring. I would much rather be what I am now than some normal. I can be whatever I want in this form, but as a human I would be limited to just that, a human. So I don't know what I could be considered as now that I have endured hell, but I know I can never return to my original state. So for now, just call me... Wheatley.
TheOneWithManyNames TheOneWithManyNames
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

we all are somehow like you, the difference is, most of us are not aware of this fact.