Sissy Maid

 5 year ago my wife start to put me into women clothes its just for fun see said after a wile a start to liked it and slowly see start to put me in a maids dress and let me do some house hold work for her the last two years i serve her 24/7 as her french maid and see con troll me 100% i now understand that sissy maids are only there to please there mistress and it give me great joy in live

haddy haddy
41-45, M
9 Responses Jan 30, 2009

i too am lucky with a wife who needs a maid. i lost my job and found another one as her maid. it is great.

been out a few times with an ex girlfriend fully dressed up.<br />
we went to a gay club to meet her friends, spent the night trying not to show my panties lol xx

Not yet.

You are so lucky to be allowed to serve her 24/7 my wife allows it occasionally even though it saves her some housework. I would really enjoy her taking me to others either friends or strangers and ordering me to serve them as their sissy maid. Has anyone ever done that?

Oh Bridget, it would be a pleasure to obey you while you have a cane or whip in your hand!

french maid outfit the sluttier the better i love to spank hubbies *** with a frilly dress on

I'm not sure whether I want to be a French maid or a plain maid who Frenches. Of course there's nothinhg wrong with combining both.<br />

yes thats how it went for me

So thats how that works