I Serve As a French Maid

After about 3 years of our marriage, we got a chance to live alone in a house. my daughter was only 1 year old at that time. one day my wife gave me her clothes and ordered to wear them. first ,i was reluctant to wear it, but when she said firmly, i couldnot refuse. as soon i got into her clothes ,she said, you are the new maid in this house. whatever i need you have to do, and if you donot obey , you have to face the consequences. then she explained how i have to carry on various household duties. i could not say no to any of her given orders. perhaps, as soon as got into her outfit, i assumed myself to be her maid.  i followed her orders and tried to serve her

raveena raveena
6 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Ask her you to give some massages, pedicure, manicure, getting her dress ready for the day and so on household chores..

I want to serve more and more to my mistress, but now she does not give me enough chance. Can anybody tell me what I should do to please her and moreover to please myself. Often manytimes now I dont want to go out even for work and love to do everything so that she can be better and sufficiently served. I want to to beher best best MAID. Any NEW ideas are welcomed.

You are indeed a very lucky boi, I hope she keeps it up as you sound happy with the situation

I am still serving her and will continue to do so.perhaps she was knowing of my secret desires. Its not only me but most of the men have these secret desires, but only a few people accept this. I dont feel it bad and so I admit it. you can now share your own experiences with me too

Oh yes to me being emasculated and completely controlled is the best part of being an excellent maid! I wish my wife would be even more controlling. Are you still serving as her sissy maid?

I like a strong woman. Obviously she's a take charge type & I have to assume Raveena is quit happy in the role. Many of us delight in such situations...Enjoy Raveena!

Helping is good, but being emasculated is not.....