My Story Of My Military Brother In Law Raising My Son Jacob

My brother in law was in the US Airforce the last time I checked I know he retired. My husband was his yungest brother one day in 97 he took off after an argument about him taking off in his big rig shortly after all the money was removed from the account at a truck stop. I ended up in a shelter the boys ended up at his mom's. I left the shelter in Monroe NC to pursue enployment in Charlotte,NC. However 6 weeks after I arrived I found my self in bondage in the basement of a cinderblock building by a repeat sex offender that was convicted of assaulting a boy in a park. Then he got out and was convicted in 88 of assaulting a women old enough to be my mom and then their was me. I ended up homeless after I left the hospital the shelters were full I dropped off the grid and my brother in law ended up with Jacob my first born and the other brother ended up with Timothy Lee. I never got compensated for my losses like the law requires no matter how much I complained about my medical and physocological injuries the A D.A brushed me off. The law says that he was suppose to refer me to UnitedFamily Services he did'nt. I never got copensated however I did and do have Jesus and because of my relationship with him I can look back and it does not hurt me anymore I also experienced a physical miracoulous healing oneday while I was watching TBN. My crooked back became strait and now I have a 6 year old little boy that doctors said I would never have. I am stuck sleeping on the floor of his room on a airmatteres however I have joy because I get to raise him and oneday the lord will prosper me so I can rent my neighbor's house and support him.Thats my story.
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Rose I am so sorry to see this story you and I have a lot in common. I was raped a few years after I was discharged from the service. It was a tryly hurtful experience but I don't carry any of the pain now. He was tried and convicted in a court of law. He used weapons and was truly sick. I have also been in a women's shelter four times in my life. I have a mental illness bipolar disorder so it took me a long time to deal with all the pain in my life. In fact up until a year ago I was in counseling most of the time. I've also been in the hospital 5 or six times on the psychiatric ward. You are right we can heal over a period of time. <br />
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I'm wondering why the shelter didn't give you vouchers to obtain furniture or keep you until you could find suitable living space.

They do not have resources like that here. There is only one shelter for battered women it only holds 30 women and the city of Charlotte is 22 miles from the north to south. The state puts us last on the priorty list.