So Did I...I Miss It

I came from a background with a lot of pain. I grew up without a dad, and my mom was hardly in my life as well. My brothers and I were raised by different family members, so I moved around a lot. As much as my family was against me joining the military due to religious beliefs, I did it anyway. There was too much drama with my mom. I had to get away from my county. The state. Hell, I even left the country. I miss it so much it hurts. I was stationed overseas the entire time, and I would give anything to go back. This is where I found who I was, learned about myself, I learned about love, cultures, and the best thing was, I was at peace of mind. After coming back to the states, I am in the EXACT same position I was when I left: picking up after my mom, doing her job as to take care of my handicapped brother. She didn't change. A few years back I gave her money to go back to school (in which I haven't finished MY education yet), and she used the money for drugs and booze. WTF! I have no job, luckily I have money from savings and investments (thank God!). As much as I don't want to go back in, I am seriously thinking about it. I have thought about the Air Force too. People don't seem to understand-once you leave your environment, live a little somewhere else, and come back, you will definitely see the world differently. I have never been narrowminded. Adapting to another country was so easy for me. I adapted better in a foreigh country than I did integrating back to the US. You would think it would be easier since I have lived here (US) my entre life. Nope. I am glad I did it.

MysticLioness MysticLioness
31-35, F
Mar 7, 2010