Wow, 770 Days!!

Hey Bro

I did 141/2 years.

  I am NOT doing another day!!

  All of this bull that i am going through pretty much sucks, but I know that I can do time but I absolutely refuse to go back, not because I cant do it, but 'cause I I am NOT going there!

  Yup, it bores me to death, and I really do not know how to run a life, but I am doing the best that I can.

  I sure am not no punk:  I was the head white boy for my building.

  Counts for squat now.

I wish you luck.

The 3 things to remmember are; PEOPLE< PLACES AND THINGS.

I was asured of 60 years,[guilty] but I hope that it is through.

A really good lawyer and some luck says that I

have a chance and I am going for it.

  It STILL sucks.



mitchblack mitchblack
56-60, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2006

my fiancee is in holding for marshals now for a stupid gun charge a gurl set him up with but he returned the gun and after 3months feds looken for him they finally got him out of the blue one tuesday morning he is a prior felon