He Showed His *** Again

Oh boy!  My son has lived with me for three days and he has already crossed the line and was yelling at me and argueing with me like he had been doing the year and a half that I took care of him!  I went beyond being mad.  He refuses to take responsibility for ruining his life and STILL blames me for every bad choice that he has made.  He wasn't living with me but it's MY fault that he has lost job after job.  He said this to me and I told him that he is full of it and that I was fed up with him saying his failings are my fault.  I went down the list of chances that I'd given him to get on a solid foundation for success in life that he walked away from.  He couldn't handle the truth of it so he started raising his voice to me and disrespecting me.  This is MY house and I'm like why the hell and I letting him talk to me like this?  Eventually though he came out of the room and apologized to me because he KNEW that I was THAT close to telling him to get the ef outta my house and not to come back.  He's got NO WHERE TO GO and no one to turn too BUT me.  I told him how strongly I felt to put him out and that the only reason that I didn't is because of his wanting to take control of his life and go into job corps.  As far as I was concerned it was a over  A few minutes later here his simple behind is coming out of the back with his bag acting like he was leaving and I got mad all over again.  Here I am sticking my neck out AGAIN to try and help him and he's walking out the door showing how much he still doesn't appreciate what I am trying to do for him and I told him if you want to leave then go but don't ever come back to my house no matter how bad things get for you.  He sits down and does the crocodile tears and I am not phased in the least.  It's an act and he was saying stupid, ridiculous things that only made me even more angry if that was possible and I told him he needed to stop because he isn't moving me and if he wants to stay then he had better know what he wants to do and if he wants to leave then go.  He chose to stay.  I expect he'll be in job corps in a couple of weeks.  I want him to take whaever is classing up so he can leave and get hisself together and stop coming back into my life causing me financial and emotional trouble.  I'm still paying bills from when I took care of him for a year and a half.  He doesn't care about that.  I had money set aside for my grand kids visits and I hadda use that for HIS food.  It's not right.  I wouldn't be in this situation if he hadn't come back here.  If that man hadn't given out my phone number I wouldn't even have known my son had come back to town unless I saw him on the streets in passig but he wouldn't have had contact with me and therefore no way to drag me back into troubles.  This is his last opportunity to get me to help him because I have had enough and once he leaves he can't come back with a hand out to me again playing on my being his mother.  He uses me and I know it.  That's why I wanted him in the service so that he would be able to take care of himself and he doesn't qualify and actually blames me for that too when he is the one who CHOSE to fail the tests so that he wouldn't go in.  He doesn't have good sense.  I told him that he messed up his chances so far and he said that it's me.  It's my fault that he has nothing and no one.  All I can do is shake my head at that.  Hopefully he'll be gone in two or three weeks. 

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Mar 19, 2009