I Set Up Her With a Collage Dude . . .

 this is the email she sent me:


he walked into the bar in a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers. he looked 18. his hair was messy and his hands were sexy. he sat down next to me and asked me to turn towards him. we started talking about what kind of **** he wanted. he started rubbing his hands on my legs, told me i had nice legs. told me i was hotter than he expected. told me how much he wants to explore and how much he wants to be with a couple. 


we talked while he drank a beer and i sucked on the limes from my gin and soda. he told me how much he loves my hairy *** and how he wanted to lick my ***** on his car. we walked out to the parking lot behind the bar, his hand was on my ***. he told me how much he wanted my ***. when he opened up the car, he started licking my ***** and *** right away, with me on my hands and knees on the backseat. he then sat down and had me suck his **** while he put his fingers in my *****. then he put his fingers in my ***. playing with my *** with his pinkie, he rubbed my **** with his other hand. i was sucking his **** and licking and sucking his balls. he told me he didn't shower today for me. he smelled good, like a young guy - skin and sweat and soap and testosterone. he smelled like a college boy. 


when he was ready to **** me, he bent me over and started ******* me from behind, though there wasn't enough room. he ****** me hard and fast and when he came, it went all over my ****, dress, hair, neck. it was a great load - smelled good, big, all over me. then he wanted to know if i wanted him again. i told him i did and he told me to go outside in front of the car. i leaned on the hood of his truck and he started to **** me. then he asked me to suck his **** for a while, so i knelt on the concrete and sucking his **** and his balls. he was watching a man across the parking lot who was watching us ****. he told me that we were being watched and i told him i liked that. he got really hard and then told me to stand up so he could **** me really deep. he had me lean way over onto his car, so my *** was out in the air and easy to grab. he started ******* me and grabbed my *** as he was thrusting, ******* me hard and fast. he came again, this time on my ***. i told him i would leave the *** on my body all night. i kissed him thank you and walked back to our car. 


on the ride home, i smelled like *** and sweat. his *** was still wet all over my **** and neck. i saw a cop car and fantasized about being pulled over like that, with the cop asking about my slutty dress covered in ***.....

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