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The fantasy is that I would have a business guest coming into town who would have expressed to me that he wanted to source some *****. I would arrange for my, unbeknown to him wife to turn up showing me how happy she was to see me after such a while. I being a true gentleman would invite her to join us. I would then basically sit back and watch her seduce the guy. I have developed different scenarios as to how the event would playout. Would the guy want an ****? or would he like to take her somewhere and **** her all night? I have even *********** about whether or not he would want to fullfill oneof my wifes fantasy of having someone watch us. All these have taken place in the lead up to my ******. I've also recently added me eating his *** from her freshly ****** ***** and cleaning his **** foe him.


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Oh wow. You took my fantasy and made it hot.<br />
I'm a little dissapointed that you had to sleep in stead of chatting....well I suppose we all do.<br />
with experiances like this I need to chat with you. LOL

about a year + ago I talked to this bull coming to town for work. He want us to show up on his secound in his hotel on day early in the morning. I was to ***** her at the door of his hotel room. she was to walk over to him and follow his orders and i was to ***** and sit in a chair. <br />
<br />
he was going to **** her quick and head to his meeting, and we were to stay in his room.<br />
<br />
after his meet she was to be ready for a lunch time ****, then he was to go back to his meeting.<br />
<br />
<br />
i was to then get her ready for 3 pm to meet him in the hotel bar and she was to ***** and tie me up in the rooms closet.<br />
i<br />
when he was there , in the bar, and ready he would call and she was to meet him and his clients in the bar. they were to take her one at time up to the room to **** her never knowing i was there .

since i wrote this, much has happened. Not like the above post. but just as hot.

A man from NYC was coming to SF for work. He contacted me on AFF. And to make it a shorter story I aranged a date with her and this guy.

They were to meet at a bar that I picked. At about 11:00 that night. I would still be at work about that time. But I was sitting in the bar when she came in. She saw me and winkined . he came in after about 10 min.
he was also texting me during the whole time. I was to meet them in the hotel later [only to watch] .
I saw them going to a both. and not after long he was kissing her. and then i saw his hand go under her dress.

yes he ****** her later that night and i watched. he came back to town 4 months later and ****** her again without me there.

this has now become the ideal scenario for her.
A date
A ****
sometiimes i watch sometimes i don't