Funny How Life Works

It may not seem like our actions have any effect on others.  We especially don't think they do with strangers.  Sometimes it's shocking to find out just how much they do.

Today, I went to make a left hand turn into my work parking garage.  To do so, the traffic behind me had to stop and be held up briefly.  As I was waiting to make my turn I heard the crunching and banging of a car accident behind me. 

That's right, I set off a chain reaction.

The collision wasn't my fault, it was the inattentive drivers who were barreling through the intersection without paying attention to what was in front of them.

But, still... my one simple left hand turn caused a chain reaction ... the car behind me had to stop, which was no problem... the car behind him had to stop... but then everyone after that just smashed into each other.  Amazing how one simple act... like a left hand turn... can take a total stranger's day in another direction.

It just makes me wonder what other simple things I do can have a good or bad impact on the life of someone I've never met.

Life is strange that way.

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1 Response Mar 17, 2010

One of the worst accidents I have ever been in was a foggy morning. I was stopped at the stop light waiting my turn. A young man was speeding on his way to work. He crested the hill just in time to realize there was traffic stopped ahead. He started braking but fast enough. I saw of his the impact coming and tried to get out of his way but he pushed me into the three lanes of traffic coming in the opposite direction and two of the three cars hit. The chain didn't stop there..... I was supposed to get married two weeks later and had to cancel my wedding, ended up in the hospital, and met one of my best friends (he was one of the paramedics) all because of that accident.