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I Fixed My Mom Up With A Black Bull

My dad died in 09, I was visiting her with one of my black bulls. I asked him to seduce my mom who is in her 60's, he said sure but he wanted to invite a few friends over. I had to go out my boyfriend stayed to do some house repairs, His buddies came over , my boy friend was in the bedroom , my mom knocked on the door he opened it, he was naked his 12 in **** was hanging for her to see, he walked nude into the living told the guys they were there to **** my mom, the guys all got undressed, my man went into the kitchen gave my mom hung from behiden he made sure his cockfelt her crack of her ***, and he rubbed her breast and said I have a surprise for u, he lead her into the living room she saw 3 more naked black men, my man rasied her nite gown off her she was in her panties, my man started kissing her neck the others started feeling her breast one guy got on his knees, and pulled her panties off and began licking my man then started to rub his **** againest her crack of her ***.,
They laided her to the floor, one guy guy rasied her legs in the airand lowered his **** into her pussie and pushed it in her deep and began to **** my mom, the guys took turns filling her pussie full of *** they got her to get on all fours one guy stuck his **** in my moms mouth told her to suck me ****, another guygot behiden her started ******* her ***, then he got up and pushed her **** in her ***. I came back the other two started ******* me the same way. My mom said she loved it and asked them to come over anytime
sluttyteresa76 sluttyteresa76 31-35, F 7 Responses May 8, 2011

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what a hot slutty family you two make, must be nice sharing with each other

U r good daughter hot a woman @ 60....and craving for more.

She is in her 60's and a black **** ***** now and she loves anal

A lovely present for you mum! Good Girl!

Very hot story. I would certainly love to **** your mother

What a wonderful daughter you are - looking after your mum like that!