Getting Touched But Not By An Angel

I am now 45 and have been doing counseling since 16. I am happily married with two kids

When I was 4 me and my family use to go up to my uncles place for holidays. There wasn't enough beds so uncle offered to share with me. Being 4 and innocent I accepted the offer. I was getting ready to sleep when I hear him moaning. I asked what's wrong. And he said his penis hurt and that I need to help run it. At first I wasn't open to the idea but he was my uncle so I did it. Then he pulled down my pants. I asked what he was doing and he said that I mustn't tell anyone because they won't believe me. After that I do not remember what happened. Although I Remeber him sticking his penis into my butt.

This has happened every year. At the age of 15 I finally had the guts to tell mum and she helped me. My husband knows but I don't wish to tell my children

Thank you
Qwertyhoop Qwertyhoop
Dec 16, 2012