Sex With Married Marines

I need people's opinions. When I let married Marines do it to me in bed, does that make me a bad person? After all, if the wives don't get to know, no one is getting hurt. If the Marine is strong enough to keep it to himself and not feel guilty and go crying to his wife about his guilt, who is at fault. No one.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

You are doing fine


My vote is no.

You are two consenting adults so it does not matter. The moralism we try to thrust on people just makes them feel bad and repressed. If we were all more accepting then there would not be as much mental health issues out there.

Keeping someone's marriage together is not your job.

As long as he does not stalk or hurt you (consensual rough sex is not hurting someone) or vice versa then have fun.

Blade Runner Jim

Thank you Blade Runner Jim, Proud **** Hubby, and Simple Cast. I feel better now. I know that a lot of those Marines who I gave it up to were married and some had kids. I am fairly certain that they, after having released their frustrations, anger, and other strong emotions they had by doing it to me with no mercy, may actually have been good for their marriages. I never had any intentions to steal them from their wives or their families. They all knew that I was just there for their strong spicy Marine body parts, not marriage.