My Bucket List

Is to **** as many guys as humanly possible preferable in groups
heaps heaps
46-50, F
4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

So how goes your quest? Are you in quadruple figures yet? 😜

Sound like u know how 2 have a good time n love doing it....i want to help u with ur goal

Wow! I would love to join you and fill your slutty holes with ***. Please add me.

just got back from picking up my new extra large ***** and when I got there the owner of the store asked me if i was going to use it on myself I said yes then I said if he had somewhere I could try it out and ask if he wanted to **** me with it and he said yes then a group of guys walked in and I asked him to ask them if they wanted a free **** and blow job so I screwed them all and gave them a free show of me being ****** with a massive ***** so that's another 18 guys I have ****** omg i love being ******

OMG I love your story... getting ******, then getting ****** again...

just doing my bit to make the male race happy lol