Chance Encounter

In the summer I took a walk around a local park area taking in the sun that had come out for a change, I was strolling along the the side of a hedge adjacent to another field and could see in the next field. I saw a young man about 25 years lying down sunbathing, he was dressed just in shorts and his clothes were lying close to him with a bike. A man about my age (60)came along and started talking to him and then he knelt down and ran his hand up the young man's leg, he was obviously feeling his ****, (from where I was standing I could see but couldn't be seen), the young man pushed down his shorts to show his **** and balls and the older man started wanking it slowly, and then faster and faster, eventually he came and the older man wiped his **** and belly with a handkerchief and then his own hands, stood up and walked away, the younger man pulled up his shorts and continued to sunbathe.All this time I was getting more and more excited but couldn't release my **** or touch it because there were people on my side of the hedge who could see me. it was really exciting.

A couple of weeks later I was walking in the field adjacent and the young man passed me on his bike, again he just had shorts on with a bag on his back, about thirty yards ahead he went in to some trees and I lost sight. When I was passing the trees I saw a figure standing behind branches, I could see that he had dropped his shorts and he was standing behind the branches holding his **** at the base and it was hard and curved, he was showing it of, I approached him and asked if he wanted help, he nodded, I stroked his 8 inch **** slowly and couldn't take my eyes of the huge purple knob, I stroked him faster and faster, but wanted to suck it , I asked him if I could but he refused, as I wanked him I rubbed my erection against his leg and backside but he edged away slightly, eventually his breathing told me he was coming and he spurted about 8 or 9 times on to the floor. he pulled up his shorts and said "Just a bit of fun", pushed his bike in to the field and rode away, leaving me just as frustrated as I was the first time. I can't get the vision of his **** and purple knob out of my mind.
kenton46 kenton46
56-60, M
Nov 26, 2012