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Am I wrong that I want my wife of 15 years who is ten years my junior to have sexual experiences with me present because I adore her so.

MANY men look at her, desire her and my honest friends that know her will at least tell me that they want to **** her. SO is it wrong that I want to allow it to happen and watch?
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As long as both of you are comfortable with it,it is cool

As long as both of you are comfortable with it,it is cool

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No I dont think so......

I personally think that's hot.But that's gonna ultimately going to be a decision that's best based on your relationship with your wife. If she is comfy with it,I'd say go for it. But hesitation on her part is a signal that it may not be such a good idea,I mean if you havta beg over an over an over for a long period of time. Good luck though.I hope you have tough skin, because after the deed is done,there's no forgetting it happend. I just hope you are very secure with and have no jealousy issues whatsoever.

My wife did this but would not let me be present. She insisted doing it in our spare bedroom. After our friend left, she asked me to her so she could go off which I did. We both got off.

You are a strong man! While I can understand the privacy in the situation, she is yours as mine is mine,...I think it is only fair that you get to watch, be present.

i didn't mind. I don't know what he did to her, but I do know that he did not get her off. That was my job. But she was turned on. Incidently, we have known this man for many years and he recently got divorced.


That is awesome! Kinda sad he didn't get her off but as said that is your job!

Truly understanding the friend of many years part and the recent divorce. I would say that is very giving and in a way like me!

I have a buddy of many years, nice guy, well dress and all. The females love him UNTIL he opens his mouth. One of those kind of buddies.

Nevertheless as he is perhaps my ONE true friend, this weekend he grabbed my wife's breasts from behind as she wore a sundress and we drove for our evening out. That just a follow up to a drunken birthday night of mine ten years ago where much more happened.

go with any desire you BOTH agree to.But make sure any outsider gets an S.T.D test first .will give a great piece of mind.

Thanks for the reply and the words of caution. The last thing we want, I want is a STD or anything. Anyone lucky enough to indulge must be clean AND respectful!

Speaking from experience, if you're both acceptable of it, this could be the best sex you ever had as long as you do some serious soul searching and are positive you have no jealousy issues. You can NEVER ask her to do this then later blame her for ****ing another man. If you can do this, your sex life will become incredible!

Thank you so much for your reply, concern and interest.

While I am acceptable of this and have done some soul searching, I think she has considered it but is not as up to it as I am.

My biggest jealousy comes from that in the movie Pretty Woman in which kissing and passion is a no no. Nevertheless, I know that she and most women need passion to get the juices flowing and it is not just straight sex out the gate.

I would NEVER blame her for having sex with another man as prior to me she has had boyfriends, an ex husband, etc. She is human and my thought as she is not into women and adores men, there are times after all our years she must wonder what other men are like.

Sadly no matter how much I try to spice it up, all our years together cannot change all about me that she knows. Knows and loves the way I treat her yet at times I am sure the sex has become standard.

So,...I am guessing it is more me than her as I have the standard male fantasy of wondering what it would be like to be with two women or more, intrigue seems to be in seeing her totally pleasured by another man or more. I just want to be there.

I am also prepared that some guy may feel different or even better. That is ok with me so long as she knows that I am the man that loves her, there with her for life, holding her hair back when she is sick and throwing up.

While I would think that I am good at making love, having sex,...just because she tells me this when we are active,...perhaps a nice thing to say,...I am not the main stud out there and my hope would be that even if she experienced another guy that could make her ******* better than me, that she would enjoy it and stay with me!

Any thoughts? I agree with you that perhaps once this happened,...our sex life would be incredible. Maybe I would learn a few more things to please her.

I share your desire and wish my wife would consent to letting another man have sex with her as I watch. She has already consented to stripping and posing nude for a photographer so hopefully we will build up to this.

We love eachother and trust eachother and I think that is essential before even entertaining this desire.

Once again it is nice to hear that I am not the only guy that desires this and not the only guy that desires it with love and consideration for my wife. I think it is awesome that your wife has already consented to stripping and perhaps moreso posing nude for a photographer.

It is again nice to hear that I am not the only man that finds pleasure on comfort in being a part of a wife showing her goods to another man. I would assume that the photographer was male?

My outlook would be that a male photographer would certainly enjoy photographing a female exposing herself. That HE has the power to direct her to pose and show more than she may normally do on her own, suggesting that in the end, she is giving the pictures to YOU.

I SO agree that love and trust is the primary ingredient that is necessary for anything as I have posted or you have commented to happen.

Personally I think many relationships end up in divorce or unhappiness as people become complacent. As I am sure for most, we are not each others first and there is truly a difference between love, making love and sex!

So in the end, so long as protection and precaution is taken, my outlook is the act or playfulness is simply agreeable adult fun! WE will always love and respect each other but for me, I personally know that I do not provide that same uninhibited excitement that I did in the beginning and THAT is what I want her to be able to enjoy again as in the end, we will STILL be US!

We decided to explore this avenue because things were getting stale but since the photoshoot she has had a boost in confidence and self esteem. We got her hair done and make up so she looked amazing and watching her disrobe in front of a photographer who was a stranger. She looked awesome totally nude and exposed and I found it extremely arousing. The photographer rubbed lotion on her breasts and stomach to create a shine against this light and her nipples became erect like fingers pointing at his touch so she was enjoying it and got more into the poses by spreading her legs and giving him access for close up photos.
She has even agreed to do a few more and maybe pose with another man and I am under no illusion that she is doing it for me as she likes the thought of it turning me on.
A healthy relationship means that there are no secrets and every fantasy and desire are expressed openly. Secrets and unresolved desires lead to frustration and trouble for couples. Let it all hang out and enjoy eachother and life.

I understand your desire. It might be a turn on for you right? If she agrees, then, it is not wrong. But take note that you can't force her.

Would NEVER force her! Only take a realistic outlook on life that neither of us are each others first. Should one of us pass, we would not be our last either as I have openly and honestly told her, no matter how much she loves me, I would not want her to feel she must be alone and without pleasure should I go first.

So, separating the LOVE and life that we share, my hope and desire with this is not all selfish desire, but perhaps moreso to provide an opportunity that I believe most females do not get, do not ask for or expect. I appreciate your response.

No it is not wrong

I have been married several time to younger women. I started wife watching in my twenty's.
It been a lot of fun. It did lead to many changes,I've learned to enjoy sex many different ways.
The wives loved to tease,I loved it too. I'm getting older,I am divorced. I like being single.
The wild life seem to be over. Would I do it again,oh yeah!

thanks for the input!

I experience the same desires, and I discovered that this is not an uncommon thing. In my experience, it is rare for a woman to share this desire because sexual intercourse is much more rooted to emotional bonds that they are with men. The main thing to remember is to respect your wife's fear, trepidation, and concerns. If you are extremely lucky enough to have a wife that would enjoy complying with those desires, then as long as it is mutual agreement and you do not judge her (offer support) then you are completely fine!

Thank you for your reply and I so agree with all! I would never force such upon her and agree that it is much more personal and invasive for females. Perhaps my outlook being raised by a family of all men are so visual and sexually desiring, why would it not be reasonable to believe that women are the same?

My conclusion on that is that as males, being sexually wild and experiencing many makes us studs while it makes females *****. Personally for me, there is a BIG difference between making love and having sex.

Therefore, if just the physical act of pleasure, then it should not be judged. In our world, the LOVE will not cease, yet I believe the fear of physical activity with another may cause a fear from her as a female while with me as a male can differentiate between love and simple sex!

If both parties agree I fells its ok