Wet Dream

it was a stormy night and i was in bed early fast asleep when i felt a naked body all over me. his hands were caressing every part of me and i felt excited when his manhood was in full glory ready to take the plunge. i surrendered and let him have me for all he wants to do to my already naked body, i was so carried away and shuddered with wanting him inside me, but was so patiently indulging himself in feeling and kissing every inch of me....after ohhhs and ahhhs, at last he took me and entered me so furiously and i love how we shared the beautiful feeling of what we were doing until i heard a dog whine....and i woke up so drenched with sweat realizing that my husband is yet to come home the next week...it was a nice dream anyway....a wet one
koriyang koriyang
46-50, F
Jun 6, 2013