Morning Glory

I love a bit of morning glory when i'm not expecting it..Even if we were at it hard the night before until the break of dawn. All that is vital, has been revitalized.. new found energy creates a storm and the rapid flow of blood rushes to where it is most urgently needed.. His Big, Stiff ****!..

N that lovely feeling of when he first enters my Tght, Dry, yet to be lubed Orifice... He starts of tapping gently and moi still in sleep mode exaggerates her feelings.. As the juices start flowing, it feels like a tree trunk penentrating me but I just lay there n say AAaaaahhhhhhhhhhh feels sooooo nice!


Celebr8ionmoi Celebr8ionmoi
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 2, 2010

Thanks page!..

Hmmmmmm sounds soooooo hot!