I'm 64 and my wife is 60, we been married 36 years and we started out life's experience's like most everyone else.
When we met and until our first was born it was SEX 24/7 ,here there and everywhere, just never seemed to get enough. All thru the years and with kids ,4 of them, sex seemed to be the last thing on our to do list. everyone with kids will know what i'm talking about. Not that we didn't think about SEX, just didn't seem enough time in the day to have a good romp in the sack like old times.
about the time our youngest was about ready to leave the nest, three things happened.
1- our youngest finaly left the nest
2- the wife started thru menopause
3- her fire for passion turned into a blow torch again..WAAHOO!!!
Only bad thing, I wasn't 26 again,even tho she was back like she was 22 again wanting sex 24/7.
we started out making trips to the local adult store,Toy's are good, but no match for the real thing, and for awhile we bought about everthing there was , from viberators to ******,lotions ,creams and stimulants of every size shape and mannor.We even had the only house in the neighborhood [that we knew of] that had an eye bolt in the middle of the living room ceiling , soul purpose was to hang the sex swing the wife came home with one day.
Then we bought a hot tub, that's when things really took off, we were in that thing nude every nite. then a good friend of mine ended up loosing his home and he came to stay with us awhile and that's when we moved to the next step of sexual activities, he was the same age as me and she done her best to make sure we was both wore out daily. after 3 months of him staying with us we moved on to try the swinger scene out, met a few friends thru that and we got in to having house party's, swapping, and that lead to just having male friends stop over at night or for the weekend.
Then the day came and we decided to move to the mountains for a more quiet life, bought a fixer upper and for about the first year we got busy again and Sex took a back burner again some, we used to take a break and go play outside , wife really liked nature sex, always has, and we used to slip outside for a good old romp in the grass or where ever we decided to go at it.
first 6 months here that was the norm until our neighbor up the hill decided to come introduce himself, nice fellow, our age and a widower, didn't know that at first , but that was ok.
Day he decided to come visit and say Hello ,it was late afternoon and the wife and I had slipped out of the house for a little fun break and he happened to show up right in the middle of the break. wife was bent over the hood of our lawn tractor and I was behind her doing my best when I realized he was standing there watching. old habbits or just being neighborly I just said you want to give it a try to which he just said sure and we were off to the races again.
it's hell to get old, but it sure has been fun
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It sounds like you two have fantastic sexual chemistry, energy, and unlimited desire. May we all get struck by the same lightning bolt. We all love a lusty, sexual, and erotic lifestyle.

Inspirational and a lesson to all the younger ones.

Wow! You are a lucky man. My wife's libido just switched off. ;-(


Love your story,
thanks for sharing it... :-)

what a nice life

You guys sound like a fun couple and you have a lot in common with us. Would love to get to know you.

Great Story. Love your attitude. Would love to know people like you.

What a wonderful story.....I wish that I knew both of you!

great glad you are having a good time

Great story. Keeping that spark alive can get tough. You certainly have found a perfect way to keep both of you in good spirits. Lucky neighbors too! ;)

a great experience of your life, would loved to be your neighbour for sure, may I see your beautiful wife please?

Love that you guys are so open and are enjoying life still! Add me please?

This is a great story! Kids don't believe people our age will still get it on! You guys go!

Your wife has an amazing body! Lucky for you

A little loving is a good thing. Good on you.

Awesome for you that your sexy hot wife had regained her desire to wear you out in bed, or the hot tub, or over your lawn tractor ! out door sex is very passionate! cheers to you both !

sounds like an amazing lady! Please add another "old timer"!