The Doctor Is..."in"

Throughout my life I have made myself available to many a female friend in lending 'the male perspective' to answer some of their questions.  Many have been grateful for the insights and advice I had given them over the years.

Some questions seemed so simple and but they warranted real answers.  I have had female friends do the same for me over the years too and quite often it helped.

So now, I thought I might open it up to some others.  So ladies... Ask Away!

Post your question or send it to me in a private message and if I have any feelings, thoughts or actual knowledge regarding an answer I will reply as soon as possible.

Life is short, let's have some fun!

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41-45, M
2 Responses Sep 27, 2008

Oh... was that question in the PM about your situation? LOL I though you were questioning mine! Ooops! I will have to go re-read the message and give it some thought... Thanks for asking me a question!!!

LB,<br />
I have a question for you----I have PM'd you. So let's see if you can give some helpful advice---<br />
Oh did that sound like a challenge:)