Well I donot know, how my this small story will be viewd by the other people but still I shall share my experience of sexual relationship with my FIL. My hubby is an Indian and in international trade, spends 20 days in a month in globe trotting and most of the times, I am with him. But sometime, when I am busy in my own small "business in antiques and handicrafts" I have to stay back. I am 28 and hubby dear is in early 50s. We stay in a posh bungalow in Mumbai and all luxueries of life are available to me 24 X 7. My in laws stay about a KM away from us and are equally affluent. My FIL is in mid 70s and a fitness freek, who spends 3 - 4 hours in a day just looking after himself in the gym or long walks or yoga exercises. Unlike my hubby dear, who is 5' 6'', my FIL an ex-army Brigadier is 6' plus, very handsome, well built, burly and hairy guy, who does not mind flaunting his manliness to the people around. I knew, he had lot of affairs after my MIL expired before I got married about 8 yrs back and ladies of all ages still fall for him..........Cutting the story short, in Oct 2008, when the hubby dear was away on business tour I fell sick due to Viral fever. The doctor came and prescribed medicines. On the first day of fever, I had high fever and severe body ache at midnight. That is the time the hubby gave a routine call and got worried about my health. He immediately told my FIL to rush and look after me. FIL arrived in no time and enquired about me. Since I had severe body ache he offered to massage my head, shoulder, feet, legs thing led to the other and we landed up making love on the same bed, where my hubby dear always f--ks me.He was so patient, careful and loving throughout the f--king session that I knew......I never had such a wonderful f--k from any body. He slept with me throughout the night, holding my naked body in his powerful arms, pressing my body against his, massaging my back, fondling my t-ts, sucking my lips and treating me literally like a doll. He f--ked me by laying me on top of himself, side f--king, back-entry and missionary style. I forgot my fever and let mysekf flow with the tide by handing myself over to him. Next day morning, he made tea for me, lifted me in his strong arms to the toilet, helped me in brushing my teeth, gave me by holding me in his arms in the bath-tub, sponged me, dressed me in the fresh cloth, made the bed again, cooked breakfast for me, gave me medicines and during this process made love to me or should I say f--ked me royally four times. Next five days, till I recovered, He gave me dozens of pleasurable injections in mu p-s-y in addition to Doctor's once in a day on my buts. He did not spare or should I say..... he introduced me to the anal f-c-i-g in a very smooth and slippery way. I had refused anal f-c-i-g to my hubby all the times. This game is going on for the last over two years and I am in the heavens whenever I am alone with him. My hubby has noticed these changes in me and keeps prodding and asking--------whether FIL is the favourite or self. I just joke it out. FIL is very smart in his conduct in front of my hubby......he does not mind touching my back, bums, tummy, arms, throwing his arms around my shoulders. giving me mischievous smiles..........but all the times calling me either by my name or Daughter or DIL and making everything look like everything is normal. Oh my God, HE IS TOO GOOOOOOOODDDDDD to me. I really love him and should continue on this beautiful track.........second.......My hubby dear should join self and his father & my FIL in this beautiful journey. I love both these men and would love them throughout my life. I think GOD has always been great to me and will continue to fulfill my this wish too. ...................I am sure I am not alone on this planet to share my body and soul with my hubby and FIL. There must be lot many ladies sailing in the same boat as mine. I would request them to come out their closet and share their experience with me. Pleeeeesssseeeee.
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Yes dear I know how it feels.