My Horny Mother In Law

My name isVKS and I am married to a wonderful woman. We have been married for about 8 years. Recently her uncle and aunt were down for a visit and asked me if I could help them out.
Rakesh(My wifes uncle) asked if I could travel back with them to Nainitaal and help them for a week to set up their new business. My Father-In-Law (wifes uncle) is a very intelligent man but he doesn’t know the first thing about computers so I agreed. My wife teaches middle school so she couldn’t just take off so she stayed behind.
My in-laws always travel in their little motor home. When I say little I mean it is really small. It is the kind of motor home that looks like a converted van. When your driving down the road the only place to take a nap is directly above the driver. There is a single bed where you can get some sleep.
If everyone wants to sleep, you have to park the van and convert the driver and passenger area into a bed. In the center of the van is a small kitchen and the bathroom is in the rear.
The first day went well, we drove about 8 hours and we decided to have dinner in a small town we stopped in. After dinner we found a dehradoon campground and settled in for the night. I slept above them in the single bed while they slept in the double bed.
I get along great with my In-laws. For one they are both easy people to be with and secondly, my mother-in-law (My wifes aunt) is a hottie. She is about 50 years old but the years have been very kind to her. She stands about 5 foot 4 with long killer legs.
She is always well tanned with shoulder length curly blond hair. Beautiful face and very….very large breasts but her best feature has to be her butt.
The next morning we all got up and I take over the driving duties. Nothing eventful happens, we just make small talk. I have always been the type that gets sleepy after driving a while so I asked Harry if he minded taking over so I could take a nap in the bed above. Harry of course said no problem and I pulled over and he started to drive.
I went into the bathroom and reappeared in just my shorts. When I sleep I don’t like to have a shirt or pants on. I crawled above them and laid my head on the pillow. About 10 minutes later Varu (wifes aunt) asked if I minded sliding over, she was tired also and wanted to lie down too.
Keep in mind this is only a single bed and I am a pretty big guy about 5’10” foot and 75 kg. Of course I agreed, I knew that since the bed was so small I would have a great opportunity to be touching her accidentally. She was wearing salwar kameez.
She climbed on top. I tried my best to act like I was as far over to the edge as I could but the truth was I really wasn’t trying to hard. The only way for both of us to fit up there comfortably was for us to spoon together.
So here I was lying in bed with one of the sexiest woman I know and I had to make sure I didn’t get a hard on and embarrass myself. I did everything I could from thinking about football to my work. Eventually it worked because I drifted off to sleep. We must have been driving a while because when I woke up it was dark.
My uncle was still driving and Varu was sleeping soundly next to me. Her butt was up against my groin and I couldn’t stop myself from getting hard. Since she was asleep I found it quite a turn on to feel my hard on rubbing up against her ***. I position myself so my **** was wedged between her crack. I let my face caress the back of her hair. I took a deep breath and took in her essence as I lay there getting hornier by the minute. I was in pure ecstasy and I didn’t dare move.
My uncle hit a pothole, which shook the van and woke up Aunt. I pretended to be asleep because there was no way she could not realize that my hard on was poking her in the ***. I expected her to slowly move away but the most surprising thing happened. Absolutely nothing.
My aunt realized my **** was wedged between her cheeks and she didn’t move away at all. In fact almost imperceptivity I could feel her wiggle her *** with the slightest movement. My aunt was wiggling her butt on my ****. Of course this got me as hard as a man could get.
I felt varu’s hand reach back in between us and slowly and carefully reached for my ****. As soon as she touched it, she pulled her hand away as if it was on fire. She waited a few minutes and put her hand back on my **** and this time she left it there lightly feeling it’s entire length.
She then pulled her hand away and slowly pushed her *** back a little more making sure my **** was wedged deep inside her *** crack. The only thing between us was her thin panties and salwar and my shorts. She stayed in that position for a torturous 20 minutes before she got up and went to the bathroom. I can only imagine she was in there getting off, thinking about her son-in-laws ****.
I had a huge case of blue balls and when she got out I woke up and headed to the bathroom. I ******** thinking about my mother-in-laws (aunts) ***. I exploded all over the wall and had to clean up the mess.
My uncle asked if I could take over and I drove for the next three hours before pulling over and we all slept in for the night.
The next day we got into the same routine I drove for a while and then he took over. I went to the bathroom and took of my underwear and kept my shorts on. I was hoping to get lucky. Sure enough my aunt said she was tired and asked me to move over, strangely before doing so she headed into the bathroom and reappeared a minute later. This time when she got next to me I noticed she was wearing a salwar kameez.
I pretended to fall asleep and when she thought I was asleep she open her salwar down scooted her butt and pushed it back into my ****. I felt her hand reach back and slowly lower my zipper. This wicked woman had been planning this little event since last night. Because when she pulled my **** out and put it next to her ***, I felt bare skin. She had taken off her panties in the bathroom.
Now my **** was wedged between her crack and there were no clothes between us. I felt her reach in between her legs take a hold of my **** and ever so slowly rub it up and down her *****. Then it happened, she took my **** and just rubbed the head in between her lips. Her ***** felt like it was on fire it was so hot.
She lined up my head and aimed it at her ***** and slowly she started to push her *** back as my **** gradually entered her warm vagina. Oh MY god I was inside my mother-in-laws (aunt’s) *****. I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached over and grabbed her hips and pull her *** back into my **** as deep as I could go.
My uncle had the radio on; thank god he couldn’t hear her moan as I pushed my **** deep inside. She reached back till she was looking into my eyes, her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers as she kissed me very passionately then she whispered into my ear.
“VK I love your **** please **** me like you **** my niece. I want to feel you *** inside me.”
I whispered back. “Oh Varu (Her name is Varinder) you don’t know how many times I have thought about ******* you.”
“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM well stop thinking and start *******.”
My hands glided up her stomach and under her kameez as they made their way to those beautiful pendulous breasts. I groped them, I pinched them, I caressed them, and I couldn’t get enough.
I ****** my aunt for the next 20 minutes, very quietly of course but no less sensual. She had the most incredible *****. It felt like a vice grip. She knew how to use it well. I could feel her inner muscles grip my **** as it devoured it.
I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded inside her *****. I stayed inside her for another 30 minutes as her husband drove. Neither one of us wanted it to end, so we relished in the fact that my **** was still inside her, slowly but methodically ******* her.
She finally pulled away and got down to go to the bathroom. I don’t know how she pulled it off but she managed to get down with her ***** filled with my *** and very lady like walk to the bathroom. Luckily for us her husband was busy driving because if he could have looked back he would have saw my *** dripping down her inner thighs.
She stepped out and I climbed down and headed to the bathroom. When I came out uncle and I switched position and I drove for the next 5 hours. I found myself getting tired so I parked the trailer and we got ready to call it a night. I stayed awake most of the night thinking about Varu and if I would get another chance to **** her again.
The next morning we headed out on the road again, this would be our final day before arriving at their home. Unfortunately we didn’t get another chance to ****. We were only a few hours away from their home.
As the trailer drove up to the house uncle told Varu that he needed to go into the office and check things out. He asked me if I minded unloading the trailer. Aunt asked how long he would be gone so she could plan supper. And he stated it would be a couple of hours.
And soon as Harry was out the door I snuck up behind aunt and my hands slipped inside her kameez and felt those wonderful breasts. She leaned back into me and let me kiss her neck as I caressed them.
“VK take me upstairs and make love to me.”
I swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs. I laid her on the bed and slowly started to undress her. I started with her kameez first, as I took the salwar off I caressed her foot slowly massaging it and bringing her foot to my mouth. I slowly but deliberately sucked her big toe into my mouth.
“MMMMMMMMMMMM that feels so good ravi”
I continued sucking that toe, she was really into it. I finally laid her foot down and reached for her panties also removed her lacy bra. Those large breasts couldn’t help but fall to her side. They looked delicious. I asked her to turn over and I walked into her bathroom.
“Varu where do you keep the baby oil?”
“Under the sink honey.”
I grabbed the bottle and headed back to bed. What a lovely sight. She was lying in bed with that beautiful *** staring up at me. I climbed on top of her and sat on her butt as I pored the baby oil on her back I leaned over and kissed her neck.
“Oh VK I never knew you were such a romantic. My niece is one lucky girl to be married to you.”
“Well thank you.”
I continued caressing her and massaging her back. Letting my fingers work there way down her back massaging her all the way to her butt. I took more oil and poured some on her ***. Watching it slowly slip in between her cheeks. Then I let my finger slowly follow the path of the oil until it reached her rosy hole. I slipped a finger in and aunt squirmed with delight.
She cooed as my finger penetrated her ***. I knelt between her legs and took both my hands and separated her cheeks exposing her rosy bud. I blew on it and the cold air sent shivers down her spine. As soon as I saw her goose pumps I let my hot tongue lick the outside of her ***.
“Oh my god VK, that feels so incredible.”
I continued licking all around her ***, then I spread her cheeks even further and my tongue slipped into her butt. Aunt was moaning with pleasure as my tongue-explored areas that no man her ever licked before. My right hand slipped under her and played with her **** as I ate her ***.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh VKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii your going to make me cummmmmmmmmmm……. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh my god mmmmmmmm.”
Varu grabbed the side of the bed; her finger nails digging deep into the bedspread as she succumbed to waves of pleasure.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss baby don’t stop oh godddddddddddddd.”
She was by now bucking her *** as I tried to keep up with her movements. I felt her reach back behind her and grab my hair and she took it and pulled it hard into her ***. The harder she came the harder she pulled my hair. With one final thrust she collapsed on the bed with exhaustion and totally satisfied.
I made my way up her body and I was lying on top of her. I kissed the back of her neck making my way to her front. She turned her head and we kissed passionately.
“Oh my god VK, that was the single most incredible ****** I have ever had.”
“Well I am glad I was the one giving it to you.”
“You have to promise me this is not a one time thing. I can’t imagine never experiencing that again.”
“Don’t worry Varu I plan to **** you every chance I get.”
“MMMM Is that a promise.”
“Cross my heart and hope to ****** hahahah.”
“MMM yes it is your turn baby. Move over and get on your back.”
I turned around and relaxed as I watched aunt slide down my body and take my **** with her slender fingers. She slowly and methodically worked my **** up and down playing with my foreskin as she did so.
Every once in a while she would lick the top of my head as she jerked it. I couldn’t take anymore and I put my hand on the back of her head and guided it to my ****. She let my **** slip into her mouth and I could feel her tongue dance all around my head.
She was doing a marvelous job but I wanted to **** her, so I pulled her by her shoulders up to me. She got the hint and lifted her body over me; her ***** was lined up with my ****. She took my **** and aimed it at her *****.
She slowly descended until her ***** devoured my **** inch by inch until she impaled herself on my ****. We both sighed when she had me totally inside her. She bent over and presented her breasts to my waiting mouth. I licked her nipples as she started to **** me. I licked them, I bit them I devoured them as she ****** me.
Aunt started to really **** me hard you could hear her ***** slapping down on my ****. I pulled varu down to me so I could kiss her. I could tell she was getting close and I wanted to be kissing her as she came. She started to **** me furiously, and then it happened, as she was kissing me her body went stiff. She was in the midst of an ******. I started to buck up and down as hard as I could. She stood there like a statue enjoying her ****** as I ****** my lovely mother-in-law. She collapsed on top of me and I continued to slowly **** her.
Oh my! VKiiii…haven’t you *** yet.”
“No I wanted to feel you ***, don’t worry baby I still going to **** you good.”
I pushed her aside and turned her around. I got behind her and pulled her to her knees. I then took my **** and slapped her *** a couple of times with it before roughly inserting it deep into her *****.
“OHHHHHHHHHHHH that feels good VK.”
“OHHHHHHHHHHH yes VKiiiii **** me baby. *** in my *****. I want to feel you *** inside me.”
My mother-in-law was really turning me on; the more she spoke the harder I ****** her.
“Ohhhh baby slap my ***.”
I slap her *** until it turned red. The more I slapped it the more she wiggled. I was humping her good. I have never been so turned on. To be ******* the mother of my wife was such a turn on. This woman was insatiable. I grabbed her hips and she put her head on the pillow, which really exposed her *** to me. I felt my legs weaken. I couldn’t take much more. She could sense I was close.
“Oh yes baby fill my ***** with your ***. I want you VKiii….. I want all of you. *** baby *** …. Let me feel you *** inside me….”
As she spoke I exploded…..she sent me over the edge. I slammed her body down into the bed as I sprayed my *** inside her womb. I kept pumping my *** into her. I finally collapsed on top of her. She wiggle out and turned me over and took my **** into her mouth. Moaning the whole time she cleaned my ****. She finally climbed up and lay in my arms as we rested.
“Wow Varu that was the best sex I think I have ever had.”
“Yes Really!”
“Oh VK what are we going to do?”
“Well we just have to keep it under wraps.”
” I don’t know what I would do if we couldn’t make love gain.”
“Aunt if we are careful we can keep doing this forever.”
Just them we heard the car pull up and we hurriedly got dressed.
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