Naughty M.i.l.

The name of my girlfriend is Nisha, and the name of her sexy mother is Rosy. Telling u the fact that I never had sex with my girlfriend till last July. I used to imagine as if I am having sex with my girl friend. I liked her buttock than her mulakal(breasts) and her pooru(****). I used to imagine as if I am licking her *******. But I was afraid to ask her for sex. Whenever I got time I used to touch her buttock and even some times I used to keep her on my lap. At that time my kunna(****) used to stand looking at the sky. I enjoyed a lot of pleasure by keeping her on my lap and pressing my kunna on her buttock. I think she also had enjoyed it well. Now let us come to the real story. One day on her birthday I had visited her home. She and her mother Rosychechi were there. Rosy chechi’s husband is working in Mumbai. And used to come home only once in four months. Well as I reached home I introduced myself as the classmate of nisha. Her mother with a smile asked me to sit and before I ask about nisha, mother told me that she is taking bath and went for taking tea for me. I could see the belly of Rosychechi through her dress. It was a lean nighty. I also heard the water falling sound from the bathroom. Suddenly I thought of just peeping in to the bathroom from the window.. As I reached near to the door. I could see her naked legs. Suddenly my kunna started to come up. I lost all my control. I was happy when I found the broken glass of the window. As I somehow peeped in to it My Jesus I so her applying soap on her poor(****). And the hairs on her *****. I got shock and removed my slip and put out my kunna outside and started to press on it. I was going to heaven at that time. Unfortunately Rosy chichi came there and saw me ************ by looking at the private part of her daughter. As I turned I found her standing by looking at my kunna. I felt very shame and prayed that the world should come to an end now. I ran to her and caught her legs and asked sorry to her. She did not say a word as we stood like that nisha came out of the bathroom. As she introduced me to her mother I was afraid to look at Rosychechi. By afternoon I left her home. On the next day Rosychechi called me and asked to come home. As reached her home. She came and opened the room she was in the bating dress. She asked me to come to her room. I was shivering like anything and said no. but she told me if I did not obey her she will cry loud. As I reached the room she made me to sit near to her. She asked me weather I have ever had sex with nisha. I said no. she again asked me which part of nisha I like. I with a shy slowly said her buttock. I like to lick and suck her *** hole. Rosy chichi was very happy and asked me why you couldn’t suck my *** hole. I will show to u. she removed her dress and bend down showing me her *** hole. I lost all my control and put my mouth in to the hole and started licking it. She was making a kind of noice while I was sucking her *** hole. She even put some valy I liked its smell and asked her not to waste her valy and asked her to put it in my mouth. Then I put my finger in her *** hole and ate a lot from inside. She hold me tightly with her hands and removed my pants as my kunna came out she took and put it in her mouth and stated to eat it. I felt a kind of joy. She told me that she had never seen such a big kunna in her life. Even her husband who is 40 does not have such a big one. I made her to lie in the bed and kept her legs on my shoulders and stated to **** her. Since my kunna was so big it was very difficult for her poor to receive it. But once it got in her poor, she asked me to do it fast and I did as she said. She told me you are solution for all the dissatisfied wives. She told me she never experienced so much pleasure. I took one of her mula and stated licking and sucking it. Then slowly I moved to her thigh then to her pooru. She was Turing every side with pleasure. I again put my mouth inside her *** hole. And I told her here after whenever you go for no.2. Don’t wash your ******* I will come and suck with my tongue. And she pissed into to my mouth then we sat on my rock and moved up and down. It continued till my kunna put the white thing out. I kissed her body from up to down and she also did that. She told me that nisha is a fool not to enjoy such a good play boy. And asked me weather I marry nisha or not I must come to satisfy her. I said I liked your ******* also. Friends how is my story. Last July I also had sex with my girl friend nisha. And planning to have sex with both of them together.
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