Forced Sex With Mother In Law

I have been married a couple of years back and had one son of 3 years and my wife was expecting another in a few months and the gynae had instructed us not to go in for sex due to certain complications. As per her daily routine my wife told this thing to her mother living in a city about a 1000 kms away. My mother in law had been a real pain in the *** as she kept on teaching vices to my wife related to my parents and my close relatives due to which I was having tough times in my marriage. Each day either my wife used to talk to her mother or MIL would call her to instruct her one thing or the other.

One day as I came back from the office I was greeted my MIL watering the plants which shook me to the core the heart. ‘What the hell your mother is doing here’ I asked my wife who said that she had come here till the day I deliver the baby and to take care of me for another month or so. I was moved by this act of mother and daughter.

I started thinking of the ideas as to how to teach lesson to MIL and that too a nice one. One Sunday I was sitting in the living room having tea, when MIL went to the kitchen wearing a night gown with elastic band in the mid of the garment making her bosom and bottom highlighted and giving me a hint to proceed with my plan – rather this gave me a entire hint of the sinister plan which hatched immediately in my mind. Now I was on a look out for an opportunity to implement my plan. One day my wife slipped on the last 3 steps of the staircase and had to be hospitalized for a couple of days, as instructed by the doctor. Now I and MIL were left at home.

She used to stay at the hospital at night and I at home. I had applied for a long leave from office and was getting bored on second day when the revengeful demon woke in me and I started waiting for MIL to come back from hospital. She came back within an hour and headed straight for a shower as she was to prepare to be taken to hospital by me. As a part of my plan I had hammered two really big hooks in the threshold of the bathroom door in MIL’s absence. I confirmed there strength by attaching a strong rope with them and pulling them hard – they were strong boy. I meant business this time.

In the meantime phoned the hospital to serve to my wife as I will get late due to certain reason. I tip toed in MIL’s room and positioned myself right in front of the bathroom door as I wanted to shock MIL with my presence. My wife had told me years back that her mother was in a habit to come out from bathroom with only a towel wrapped on her and then she applies body lotion which has kept her skin toned and supple till date. I rested myself on the bed with my eyes focused on the bathroom door and a number of neck ties hidden behind me – a part of my plan.

I heard the flow of water subside in the bathroom and heard MIL humming a song, within a minute the bathroom door swung open and there stood my MIL wrapped in a huge pink towel, water drops still moving down from her calves and her arms, hair wet, face still moist and on seeing me her blushing all made the moment hyper erotic for me.

She said ‘hey, what the hell are you doing here, get out from my room immediately, and yes shut the door as you go out from here’. I spurt of words were expected by me and I knew that I am going to react really slowly (as per my plan) on any of her reactions initially and then implement my plans well and really well.

I stood up walked three paces and reached her at an arms distance with my neck ties in my hand at my back side. ‘You think that I have come here accidentally – no it is my plan to fix you up today and that too nicely and properly, I am really disturbed by your preaching to my wife who has been neglecting my parents and relations completely and today I will teach you properly’. Seeing revenge in my eyes she tried to back up in the bathroom and I pounced upon the bathroom door and shut it and bolted it to stop her backward movement.

Its then when MIL saw the several neck ties in my hand and I grabbed her by her waist and tied a tie with one of her wrist and hooked it to one of the hooks meant for it, with one hand locked MIL tried to attack me with her left hand which was grabbed my me and I tied it again with another tie and harnessed it to second hook. Now she was there hogtied with arms tied to the strong hooks up on both the sides of her head, breathing heavily.

‘You know what are you doing to me – you will pay for it and this time really well and properly’. ’I will tell it to my daughter and all the things you are doing to me.’ I stepped back happy with first step of my plan going well and slowly I entered my fingers in the fold of her towel and removed it in a swift movement.

Here my MIL was standing stark naked in front of me trashing her legs to keep me at a distance form her. I saw her boobs and wondered at there shape still tight and rounded with taut light brown nipples shaking with each leg movement of her. Her tummy and navel soft and flat even at this age were a marvel to see and her thunder thighs were a protein dose to eyes.

I gradually shifted my attention to her pubic region which was shaven and at the first sight gave the impression that she had shaved only today or yesterday, wow what sight it was to see and aged women that too my MIL with an intoxicating effect of old wine – so supple and so wanting and so sexy and above all so very fuckable. ‘WHAT DO YOU WANTTTTTTTTTTT’ shouted MIL at the top of her voice? I said ‘till the last moment I just wanted to see you naked and photograph you with my cam but now I want to **** you right now after teasing you and am in no mood to spare any of your holes unfucked.

‘Nooooooooooooooooooo’ please spare me and let me go – I am your Mother in law – mother of your wife please spare me – I pledge that from today onwards I will not say any thing adverse for your family members, your relatives, I will pursue my daughter to give all respect to your parents and bla bla bla she kept on harping one tone or the other so as to let her go, but I was too busy exploring her with my eyes and trying to **** her with my sight before I actually ****** the *****. I moved forward and tried to touch her boobs but she tried to kick me and then I realize that I had forgotten to tie her legs in fit of lust.

I picked up two ties and tied one leg to one hook and other one with the other hook. Now MIL was standing eagle spread in front of me and I was admiring her beauty as if admiring the beauty of bottle of aged wine.

Once again she tried her level best to untie her but to no avail. I closed her and took a taut boob in my palm and admired it before starting to suck it. A whiff of perfume entered my nostril making the demon in me more ferocious as I sucked her one breast and started to kneed other. In the mean time my one free hand went down to rotate freely on her pubic area and with a swift movement I entered two fingers in her **** as she squirmed and heaved and her breaths started to get heavy as she tried to free herself but in vain. I started to finger **** her with all four fingers and that to in revenge in the fastest manner I could do.

She started to beg me to leave her with her voice getting hoarse and sexy with each stroke. After a few minutes of finger ******* her she climaxed making the noise enough to bring the roof down as I kept on sucking and biting her breasts and pressing her other one giving as much pain she could bear. After this act I undressed myself completely as my 7.5 inch erect penis stood ram rod straight due to excitement. She again pleaded me to be left alone but I warned her of new games yet to be played.

After first round of finger sex I entered the bathroom and picked up the Vaseline jar as she tried to figure out my next move I took a good jab of Vaseline on my fingers and lubricated her *** hole good and fingered her rear entry well with one finger and then with two as she shouted and started to beg me to be left. Now she said ‘ok now since you have seen me good you can **** my ***** and for god sake do **** me good and hard’. I said ‘no wait for my next move you ***** and enjoy – I am gonna make your day really good today’.

My **** was really hard still and wanted to **** any door in its sight now. By now her rear hole was ready to be ****** and I place my **** at her *** hole door and made a good stroke as my **** went in by half and she shouted ‘you bastard you have teared my hole aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pleaaaaaseeeeeeee leave me aaaahhhhhhhhh, please don’t do this to me’. I gather energy and gave another srtoke as my **** with the help of lubrication entered her *** completely and she shouted to let her go.

But the demon in me wanted more and more of her *** and then I had readied the kitchen rolling pin ready to **** her ****. I gathered it after stretching my hand from bathroom side table and without waiting much bent a little and shoved the huge thing in her **** to half of its length. She gave out a shriek to chill the world as the wooden thing entered in her **** and from the other side I kept on ******* her *** in the roughest possible way I could do.

Now bothe her hole were being ****** properly and I could feel the wooden thing rubbing my penis separated by the wall between the *** and her ****. In the mean time I was also kneading her one breasts to the fullest.

Now she started to enjoy the double entry and started giving out the moans of pleasure ‘ya **** me good oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do it harder my love I am your ***** and *****, **** me even harder’. This gave me more encouragement and started to **** hare *** more vigorously and harder.

In the mean time she climaxed as I cauold feel the twitch in her **** walls and she exploded, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ya **** me harder and harder, ‘I am cccccccccuuuuuuumiiiinnnggggggggggggggg – aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ as she climaxed with twin insertions and double *******.

I think more than 10 minutes passed this way and I felt the *** boiling in my balls now. I shot my load in her rear hole and took out the rolling pin also from her ****. ‘You are a devil and need to be fixed properly’ MIL said. ‘You want to teach me a lesson you ***** – now wait and watch what I do to you’. ‘Noooooooooooooo please I was just kidding you are good at love making, please open me now my hands are paining’ she pleaded.

I washed my **** and took a towel to wipe the spewing *** from her ***. I acme out from the bathroom bending my self and sat in front of her on the bed. I had the Vaseline jar and rolling pin in my hand. I was thinking of my another move when I saw that she had freed her one leg from the hook and was trying to free other one also. On seeing a naked women tied naked in front of me my penis again sprang back to life and she was amazed to see it erect again.

‘Oh my god you are ready again, please I am tired by now, pleeeeeeeeessseeeeeeeeeeee let me go, I will never disturb you and your family again, I will go back morrow evening train and will rarely visit you people, pleeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee let me go’. ‘no ***** you have another punishment in waiting’ I said and stood up from the bed and caught her freed leg, raised it and entered my **** in her well lubricated **** in one go.

It struck her cervix as I felt the thing on my penis head and keeping her leg on my shoulder I started to **** her really hard bending a bit. My bending brought her breasts at my mouth level which were readily taken in my mouth and also started to suck them vigorously. As I was ******* her I remembered the rolling pin and after taking my penis out from her well ****** **** I picked the thing up and again picked her leg up and inserted it into her **** and started to **** her with wooden thing which maid her shout.

I applied some Vaseline on my **** and also made it enter her **** along with the rolling pin. She howled to the fullest as her **** muscles stretched with twin insertions. I ploughed her **** well with the pin also in her ***** as she started to enjoy the ******* and said ‘come one give me more of it yyaaaaaaa **** me harder and insert some thing more in my *****, yaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am loving it’ after this she took my head and started to suck my lips as I responded by tongue ******* her mouth.

This ******* went on for about twenty minutes as both my penis and the rolling pin ****** her nicely and really hard. In the process she climaxed twice and then I came with a shudder in her **** and warned her of more such ******** in the day. This time she begged me of pardon and I released her hands and leg as she stood in front of me stark naked and full of lust. She raised her eyes and said I never knew that she would be punished in such a way – had she known it earlier she would have done it ten thousand times and winked at me.

‘What are your plans now’ I asked her. To stop bothering you now onwards, and expect more such ******** from you in future. She pushed me on the bed and took my limp penis in her mouth preparing for another session after giving a call on my wife’s mobile that I will get late with lunch and instructed her to ask the matron of the hospital for her meals from the canteen. Now she is my ***** and we **** of and on whenever we get time.
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looks like a fake story..


All your stories are REAL?

Good Job indeed!