Encounter With M.i.l.

55 years of age, is a widow. Her house is about 50 kms away from our house. Once in week, either we would go to her house or I would pick her up in my bike and drop her in my house.

I never had any sexual intentions about her. She was fair, beautiful like my wife, but was old. Although she is fair, her hair was all white which is a turn off. But she has very plump ***. Her boobs are medium sized but sagging. She looks fit, despite of her old age because she is a very active lady.

Once Rajeshwari Amma, stayed in our house for the weekend. On Sunday night, I took her in my bike to drop her in her home. As we were riding towards her home, we were caught drenched in a heavy down pour of rain. As we lived in a village the path was full of forests. There was no place to shelter. MIL is already an asthma patient and she started to cough, which is a symptom of Asthma.

Luckily I sited a small room where pump sets will be kept nearby. I parked my bike in one corner and hurriedly took her to the room which had a dim light due to a small bulb. Though I was relieved of the fact that MIL is no longer under the rain, I saw her shivering in cold. Our village is a beautiful place and gets cold at nights. The rains are making the cold get worse.

I was stumped as I did not know how to save my MIL from cold. There was nobody to call for help as it was a deserted place under rain at night, and there was no blanket to cover her.

I got an idea. I went near MIL and said, I am sorry Amma. She asked me why. I said, I want to do this to save her. She asked me, do what. I asked her to stand. She stood. I removed her saree off her in a flash. For a moment, I saw her nipples through her white blouse that was transparent due to the wetness due to rain. Her arms immediately covered her breasts.

Turn back I said. She asked why. Just turn back I said. I removed my shirt and stood bare chested. I hugged her from behind and started rubbing my body against her. I rubbed my chin against her, my hands on her belly and navel, and my crotch to her buttocks. Should we do this Mapillai (son-in-law) asked Rajeshwari. I said, I don’t want to see you suffer in Asthma, the only way is to save you is to keep you warm, and that’s what I am trying to do. I continued saying, I hate to do this but there are no medicines, nobody to help you, and there is no blanket, so this is the only way.

I closed my eyes and continued rubbing both her chin with my chin. My hands were rubbing her belly, although I was careful not to touch her crotch. So my hands kept circling her belly, navel, lower belly, and her pubic mounds.

MIL suddenly shrieked, Mapillai, your pants are hurting my backside, please remove them. TO keep her happy, I removed my pants and my underwear. As I thought she wasn’t facing me, I thought it was ok. But to my surprise, as I removed my pants, she ******** her petty coat, and my penis stood erect against her *** hole. Now rub Mapillai, said Rajeshwari. I started to rub my penis hard against her *******.

I could feel MIL breathe harder. I too was getting turned on by the softness of her body. She then slowly told me to rub my hands further down, indirectly meaning her crotch. Without hesitation, I started to rub her vagina from behind. They were bushy. Go further deep, moaned MIL. I started locating her choot hole, by digging my fingers deep. After I discovered it, I started to finger **** her hole. Now MIL started screaming louder.

Suddenly, MIL ******** the last part of cloth sticking on to her body, her blouse. She raised both her hands up and said, rub me in my sides. I started to rub my chin from behind, on her arm pits and the side of her breast mounds.

She started to giggle, her moans were mixed with giggles. She was ecstatic. Stop, stop, she said. As I stopped my rubs. She turned towards me. I saw her dark, pointed, sun-flower wide nipples for the first time. Without notice, she hugged me hard and tight. She kept moaning, My daughter is lucky, my daughter is lucky. She kissed passionately all over my. Her breasts were tight against my chests. I was experiencing different heaven, but this time from my mother in law.

I returned the favor by kissing her lips. I licked her tongue and drank her saliva. She said, she never had something like this before. I said, I will give her more if she lied down.

As she lied down, she instinctively, spread her legs just like her daughter. I instinctively, took my face towards her choot. And started licking hard all over her choot. Her moans are now bigger. I located her choot hole and tongue ****** her. She moaned real big now. Had it not been for the heavy rains, any body nearby would have known what we are doing. She cummed all over my face.

When she saw my face she said sorry. But I said shh. I turned her with her buttocks facing me. I then rubbed my face all over her plump and soft buttocks. They were like eating a sweet bun for me. I licked her *** hole just like her choot hole. MIL was getting tired moaning.

I then turned her with her face facing me, and I went for her breasts. I rubbed my face all over her breasts this time. I pinched her nipples and tickled the other nipple of Rajeshwari. I then ate her **** and licked her all over her breasts. I could Feel the heavy breaths of MIL.

I then went for the grand finale. The ******* session. I inserted my penis into her choot. She was loose, but warm and wet there. I then took my time to **** her as slowly as possible. She too enjoyed the mild ******* session because I want to **** her to give her heat till the rain subsides.

My **** motions were too slow, every fifteen minutes, I rested on her body. While I rested, I kept sucking her breasts and nipples. She loved it too well. She even said, she got no sex of this sort from her husband, as he just ***** right away. She also said, after I touched and rubbed her, only now she feels that even her buttocks can give her a lot of pleasure.

We continued talking stories of all kinds with my penis well inserted in her. As I continued to slowly **** her she started to ***. After she cummed, I waited for some more time continued to slow **** her. The next time she was about to ***, she ordered me to do it harder and faster. Obeying her, I started to **** harder and faster. She squealed, I’ve never seen her shout this hard. I too moaned big. I’ve never tried such a thing with my wife before.

As I ****** her faster, I too was *******. I felt great to be in her choot, I ******, I never bothered whether to spill my *** inside her or outside. I cummed inside her. My *** kept oozing inside her for five minutes. My longest ******.

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The closest I have ever gotten to my M.I.L. ***** is sniffing a pair of her dirty she had just taken off. I rubbed the wet pack from her ***** all over my lips and nose and wanked and I enjoyed the aroma of her *****.
Great story

good man ... gave her warmth ... and a lot more ...

You gave her warmth