Mother-in-law Encounter

She was always very nice to me, my mother in law. A lot like my own mother, quick with a smile, cheery disposition and a bit old fashion in the 1950's type women's role. Not  meek by any means but more of the strong woman behind every man type, She was 5'4 and medium build with rather large breasts.

Much more so than her daughters, my wifes petite "A" cup perky breasts, Mothers were big full 36 D's that were impossible to hide in her starched white blouses.  I noticed after a few holiday meals at her house that she was prone to a glass or two of sherry. My wife and I had shared a glass or two one evening when this whole impossible event unfolded.

We were well into our 3rd or 4th glass when mom expressed her desire to call it a night and head home. She lived less than an 40 minute drive  from our place. Not far but a drive nonetheless.

Mom had said her goodbye to my wife and was just about to grab her keys when she stumbled awkwardly, falling towards me, I lurched to catch her as she looked up at me in something not unlike total surprise, her eyes wide in fear and arms above her shoulders as she dropped on front of me. 

My attempt to break her fall was half way successful, my hands grasped her sides under her arms and clenched to her blouse and even snared the strap to her bra with my right hand! The force of her fall pushed me onto my backside and we landed with a soft thump! Me on my back , she on top of me, her head at my chest..

"Oh my, Please forgive me" she exhaled. She paused for a second , I could feel her warm breath on my chest as we both took inventory of our situation. She slowly lifted herself up from me and as she did so I was stunned to see her naked breasts exposed and swaying seductively right in my face. 

I was mesmerized by seeing my mom in laws wonderful **** inched from my face! I became aroused as my penis swelled and without a word said I brought my hands from the sides of her body and caressed these incredible breasts..

My mother in law, instead of freaking out and resisting my risky reaction, stopped moving and allowed me to fondle her and stroke her **** all while she stared straight into my eyes!

This situation was so over the top that I was not sure what to do. As it was this entire episode had only taken a couple of minutes from her fall to me now pulling and stroking her thick, dark brown nipples!  She pushed her knee into my throbbing  penis and then started to grind her crotch into my torso!

She then leaned into my face with hers and said " I know you think about my ****, I catch you looking at my breasts all the time! You do like them? Don't you son?!

She was really beginning to push her knee harder and harder into my genitalia, emphasizing her questions with sharp assaults on my balls to the point where she was intimidating me with her undaunted sexuality and making me aroused by her dominant tone! 

"Ye, yes ", I answered. She let up with her knee and reached down to my crotch and unbuttoned my jeans to expose my erection.  This only made me shudder with electric arousal. 

My wife is downstairs and I am being molested by her mom, my penis in her hand - she squeezed it with a force that caused me to whimper..."Yes what? " I winced in pain as she pulled my appendage harder still.." yes mother?"

I whispered hoping that was what she wanted in my response. She let loose of my penis and grabbed the back of my head, forcing my mouth into her bosom. "

"That's right, call me mother little boy and suckle mothers big nipples. um" she was in control and I was not in the least concerned about anything else except pleasing her.

I was always prone to be submissive and this encounter erased any doubt about my true sexual nature.  My erection exposed and starting to show clear fluid escaping from the tip

She pushed me away and stood up to gather herself. My wife was still downstairs , as I got  up "mother" crept downstairs. She soon appeared from checking  on my wife and made a sleeping gesture indicating to me that wife and kids were fast asleep.

She locked the door to the stairs and approached me. "MOTHER" sat down in the recliner and raised her knee length skirt up above her waist.  I dropped to my knees and watched as she removed her pale silk panties, revealing her ***** to me.

I could feel myself at the brink of ***********, my penis pulsating without even touching myself. She told me to hurry and taste " Mother" ..I was shaking at this point and felt  entirely helpless to resist.

My head in her hands she gently eased her sex into my open mouth..the unmistakable scent of an aroused female was intoxicating, my mind soared as did my genitals. I lapped at her engorged *****  lips, sucking  her juices as she mumbled incoherently and bucked and rode my face into ecstasy. I could not hold back .

Why am I doing this? Why can't I stop? The very nature of actually having a sexual encounter with my mother in law, this matronly figure that I actually had lusted after and  had ***********  while thinking about her full figure and luscious fleshy bottom was all too much.

I was soon drenched in her juices and  just as I was losing all sense of space and time she pulled my head up from her ***** and sternly whispered " stand up" !  I did so and she devilishly grinned as my penis was now directly in front of her face.

She slapped at my stiff dripping member and watched as I grimaced in between pleasure and pain. She took her hand and rubbed her *****, then she stroked my stiff manhood and simultaneously pulled my balls !  This caused me to convulse from head to toe and spray a string of *** all over her hands. 

She massaged the fluid until it was a frothy coat covering her hands. She motioned for me to taste this concoction of pleasure from her hands and I obliged.

This act of submission would prove to be my undoing of any say in future encounters.  She had exposed my desire to be dominated by women.

We had future encounters, always on her terms. There was more than one occasion where she pushed me to punishment limits I thought never possible.. For another time..


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You wife might like to know about her mother. But, be careful how you present it--if successful, you can have both.