Most Heavenly

I remember that day when We met at your house. As the door closed you snetch me in your arms and kissed deeply. Your arms were around me, strong and warm. He took my jacket off and them unzip my blouse. You gently slipped my blouse off and kissing my stomach and running your hands down slowly and Slowly, you pull my jeans down, I step out of my shoes and the jeans came off. I look up at you, and found you in your full clothes. i pulled you near & slowly unzip . You bend down and unfasten my bra . And i put my hand in your tight brief & made you excited. mine black bra falls from my breasts,making the nipples erect . You kiss them, and then push me gently onto my back. Your hands slides in my thonge from butt side ,making me wet with my desire. and i also felt what going in your brief. ..i just put small ballon on your unseen lively part before it attack in my "V" to feel most heavenly..........
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Jan 11, 2013