I have had sex With sister In Law

I and my wife's sisters grew up together when we we were kids say from younger age. i was very sexually active during my student years. During these years i was not very particular about selecting my lifepartner from these though all but of a coincidence i married one of the sisters at an older age .

when we were at high school my wife and her sisters used to do combined studies and play together and fight many times.We used sleep together in a row .as i was growing up i used to get attracted to all  sisters.i used to sleep past my wife that age, put my hands in her pusssy,she used to hold my **** and gradually i used to try put my .... in her *** and hold her tight.act as if to have sex in the ktichen with our underwear down.

my wife's elder sister was elder to me .once see forced me to sleep with her.she then directed my fingers past her pink hole.she was the first women hole i ever put my hands into fully.she rubbed her against me and took my knowledge to higher level.

My wife's younger one is the one whom i would ask her to sit between my thighs on the chair while studying and while writing on the table would always brush my groin and my little one would grow to a big size.she would do it again and again.one day see peeped through the bathroom door hole while i was taking bath. those formative years i would usually ********** in the bathroom. she would then quitely see my enlarged .....see me *** out.

Such good things lasted for few years whence i had to go to a different place to stay. memeories very nice.Even today i sometimes ********** thinking of all these.This feeling made me revist the place during holidays again and again.they were family friends after all.

It was soccerworld cup live telecast in the TV. All were fast asleepI .finished off the match and sheepishly slept at the place allocated to me. After some time I felt the knee of the leg pressed on my d…as I was lyng supine. To my surprise it was my aunt(presently mother in law) who pressed her knee so hard that as a teenager student I just could not move.she then took my hands and rubbed it against her small custard apple size breasts with her blouse open.i felt a women’s breast for the first time In my life.i jerked of in the shorts unable to bear the heat without any rubbing. It was the first time a women had sexually harassed me .But then I loved being harassed.I slowly went to sleep fearing that I would get beaten what I had done to her .other sisters  were sleeping around in the middle if the night.

During my frequent visits to their place the sisters would discuss about genitals with me etc among each other and brush/press their breasts against me during any activities.my childhood was very nice and very good experience.

Memories of all these still carry over many many years down the lane ,I suppose each one of the sisters and their mother with me. They must not have discussed about my encounters with each amongst them.

I graduated and was handsome and had a steady job going on.

Deep within I wanted all the sisters for my self along with their mother.That exciting sexual onslaught with their mother put the thought in my young brain that small breasts were handy and be a part of the family where my formative years had been sexually enriched by a good people like these.

One decade down the lane :

1) Elder sister had breasts like that of my aunt and had a narrow ***** hole and was slim like my aunt .i had always fantasized to have lifted her and had sex with her in the standing wheel barrow position. elder sister had small custard apple breasts which I liked like my aunt. Her breasts would fit full in my mouth when sucked. I missed that lady.she is quite serious about her family.With her shapely slim body I could exchange role play in the missionary position which was difficult with other 2 sisters.I had always dreamt of having sex with elder women.

2) Second sister (whom I married) had a very shapely pelvic girdle and her waist to hip ratio was amazing.I had always fantasized having anal sex with her and 69.She had pear shaped breasts which would protrude out of the mouth when sucked in,unlike her beautiful mother.i always wanted her to get into lotus astride position and dreamt of the same.

3) Third sister had a dimple in the chin and the spot would always drive me crazy.she had breasts like my aunt,middle girdle like the second sister,slim and smooth legs like elder sister and looks of seduction and every body movement seemed like a stroke in sex act. Voice was very wavy and sexy. She was adamant and outspoken in a boyish style. Deep within I had know the inner secrets of this women.I always fantasized of ******* her in the bathroom or the toilets in the standing positions and let her control the groove in the astride positions.

4) Finally the aunt appeared growing sexy as she aged.i like her breasts which had grown down to orange shape by now.she was very provocative and sexy even now.

Any one would be ok with me as my wife as I felt there was any difference between the sisters.I still had eyes on both of them. I missed out on the last sexy lady.

For many years into my marriage and raising the kids.The third sister would even now cuddle me sometimes,press her breasts against my shoulders and arms during family gatherings. rub past my legs in a combined trip in the vehicles.

 swapping with the third sister couple seems to be a good idea.she would have her husband and I can have her sister. Swapping within relatives especially sisters is very easier and safe too.i suppose.

 During early periods during our wedding we have had close sex encounters,rubbing ,anal brushing,kissing,breast sex and manual masturbations etc.

All the families have brought their kids very seriously and dedicatedly.But the individualistic feelings towards each of the sisters and the their mother still remains and deep within I am still attracted to all of them.

I don’t know whether anyone would appreciate this whole fact. This story is a true one and not a coverup and wonder how many of the people who read this stops reading doesn’t get wet and jealous of me.

Finally when ever I have sex with my wife and intercourse prolongs with ***** rubbing and astride cowgirl style I get the faces of all the sisters and their mother and my mind blows out with final climax. I feel I am gifted.

I thank all for bearing me.
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31-35, M
May 25, 2012