My Sister In Law

This all happen one night at a party we were having at our home. My wife and I had a few friends over for a evening cookout , and she ask her sexy sister if she wanted to come over and join us. We told everyone of our friends the theme of the cookout will be stranded on a island. And to dress like you have been stranded for a long time. Just about everyone had on cut off shorts most of the guys had torn shirts, all the woman looked sexy with no bars and torn shirts or white top you could see their ****. My wife was so sexy with her torn shirt with her **** damn near hanging out, and her shorts were so short her *** cheeks and her ***** hairs were hanging out.
Her sister is built just like my wife and she had on just about the same outfit. Seeing them both dress like that was a real turn on. Well everyone was enjoying themselves, good food and we had plenty there to drink. As time went I notice that my wife's sister was keeping to herself. My wife came over to me and told me that her boyfriend dump her, and she was down in the dumps. I said what do you want me to do I am having a great time. My wife said to me go on over and talk with her she feels she is not sexy and really is feeling sad. I knew she had been drinking but I told my wife I will fix her a rumrunner that will loosen her up.
I fix her drink and believe me it was strong i went over and set down with her. I ask her what is wrong honey way so sad and down in the dumps? She took the drink I fix for her and just about drank it down. Then she started crying and telling me all about her and her boyfriend. She said that he told her she was not in shape and did not turn him on any more. I said hold on right there honey you are a very sexy woman my god you could be your sister tween. She then said thanks I wish I had a man like you my sister tells me everything and you to have a great sex life.
I said she tells you everything we do? Yes and I would love to have a man that I could share things with like you both do. I told her not sure all your sister has told you but we enjoy life and sex is something at times we have share with others. She then replied that is what I mean you both love each other and trust each other enough to do things like that. She then said to me I want you to be honest with me if my sister would let you would you have sex with me. Do you really think I am sexy would you enjoy being with me, do I turn you on?
Now I need another drink and my **** is as hard as rock thank god I am sitting at the table. I told her I will answer your question but let me get us another drink, and I have got to go to the bathroom I will be right back. I got up quit trying to hide my hard **** and walked over to go into the house. My wife seen me go inside and came in behind me. Well how is it going with you and my sister? I told my wife everything we had talk about including what her sister said to me about the sex. My wife follow me into the bathroom and stood there while I was taking a ****. She look at me and said well you must be turn on by the last part of your conversation your **** is hard. I told her honey you know your sister is as sexy as you are, and you are the one you told her all about what we do sexuley.
What do you want me to do, I told her I would answer her question about sex when I get back from *******, and bring her another drink. My wife told me when you get back tell her you want to take her for a walk away from the all the other. Walk her down to the back of the yard and sit down by the horseshoe pits. I will mingle with our guess and walk on down in a few minute. I walked back over to her sister gave her another drink and said lets take a little walk. I told her you will feel better and we can talk more privately. We walk down to the horseshoe pits and set down it was nice the moon give off just enough light we could see one another. Before we could start talking again my wife came down, and said to her sister honey you ok? She set down next to me and her sister told her you are so lucky to have Rick he is a great guy.
I told him I wish I had a man like him, and I am still waiting to hear his answer to the question I ask him. My wife said go ahead and answer my sister question. Sitting there looking at her sister with her **** damn near hanging out just like my wife's. And her ***** hair peeking out from the sides of her shorts My **** was getting hard again. My wife then said to her sister honey look at Rick's hard **** I believe that answer your question. And with that my wife reach over and rub my hard ****. She then undid my shorts and pull my hard **** out. She then told her sister would you like to feel your answer to your question?
Her sister move over and was now sitting right next to me, and she put her hand on my hard ****. My wife said well I need to go back to our guess, and she said to me you need to take care of the answer to my sister question. My wife walk away and her sister was stroking my ****. She then ask me if I wanted to feel her ****? I put my hand inside her shirt and was playing with her ****. She then said no one can see us down here stand up and take your clothes off. I did and she did the same, and when she took off her clothes oh my god. I hugged her and told her honey you are so sexy; your nice big **** and my **** pressing into your hairy ***** feel so good. She set down and ask me if I would eat her *****? I spread her legs and started licking and sucking her ***** she tasted so good. I keep on eating her ***** till she let out a little cry Rick I am *******. And she did *** and I licked up every bit of it she tasted good.
She then ask me to stand up in front of her so she could suck my ****. She put my **** in her mouth and was sucking my **** just like my wife does. After a while I said to her honey let me put my **** into your hairy *****. She spread her legs and I slid my **** into her wet hairy *****. It felt so good ******* her wet ***** and she said Rick I am going to *** again. And she did her *** was running out of her ***** she told me to pull out so she could suck her *** off my ****. Then she ask me to **** her in her hairy *** ; she said she love it in her ***. She bent over the chair and I slid my wet **** into her hairy *** hole. While I was ******* her in her *** I was playing with her ****.
After a while I told her honey I am going to ***; she told me to pull out and to *** on her ****. I pulled out she turn around and I shoot my load of *** all over her big ****. After I was finish ******* on her **** she took her fingers and clean up my *** off her **** and suck it off her fingers. She stood up and we hugged and kiss one another and the we **** some more. When we finally finish our ******* fun we headed back up to the party. My wife came over to us and she said to my sister you look very happy. I hope you enjoy the party you look like a different person very satisfied woman. My wife thank me and told me remember the time I did the same for one of your guy friends? I told her honey I love you and we both are lucky to have each other.
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Apr 24, 2013